[rhost] Throws Down New Menu

by Steven Doyle

A few months back we checked into [rhost]  the day they opened the Korean-style restaurant on Greenville Avenue in the space formerly of the disastrous fire that brought down the building taking with it four restaurants and bars.  Today the new tenants are enjoying their tidy new spaces that have held true to the architecture of the neighborhood and adding new features such as roof top bars with funky elegance.    

We have since been back a few times and have been pleased with the execution of the dishes, although they are more a play on their Korean counterparts. The American fusing of dishes can help restaurants such as [rhost] with finicky local palates, but it would be nice to see dishes remaining true to their roots. We think Dallas can handle the familiar tastes of Korean dishes.

With this being said, [rhost] has announced a few new dishes that play well without dumbing down recipes.  Oh, there are still plenty of teriyaki-laden offerings for the less adventuresome, so you can bring your friends along who still have  a difficult time saying the words Bulgogi and Bibimbap (the latter meaning ‘mixed meal’ and is a rice dish with assorted vegetables and meat served in a sizzling bowl).

“We have spent the past few months refining our recipes and menu,” says Michelle Choi, [rhost] executive chef and co-owner. “Our menu now reflects more Korean influences and dishes as well as the popular American-fare with an Asian twist such as the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich and Tuna Steak Burger.”

Lunch, served weekdays from 11 a.m.-3 p.m., showcases traditional Korean Lunch Boxes (Dosirak) served with Asian slaw, avocado pork roll, rice or potato noodle and choice of entrees including BBQ Pork Rib, Sweet  and Spicy Shrimp, Chicken Teriyaki, and Soy Glazed Salmon. Additional lunch dishes include the Hot Stone Bowls and an array of specialty salads and sandwiches.


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