Hail Caesar! Competiton This Sunday

by Steven Doyle

There is a fantastic event this weekend and it kind of snuck up on us. Has it been a year since the last Caesar Salad Competition? Running twenty years strong and ferreting out the ultimate in Caesars, the American Institute of Wine & Food is hosting the twentieth version this Sunday, October 30th, at the Westin Galleria Dallas, from 1 to 5PM.

Returning are ten of the past twenty chefs which are still in the DFW area, and one of the talented chefs will be crowned the ultimate king of Caesars.           

The annual event is a fantastic forum for the chefs to allow creativity to flow as they offer not only a salad portion to each guest, but also a lagniappe or an amuse bouche – a little extra portion of something spectacular to vie for your vote. The extra’s is where the chefs show their true imaginations.

AIWF Caesar Salad Competition Funds Days of Taste

 In addition, the AIWF has lined up some spectacular wineries to showcase their very best.

AIWF DFW’s Annual Caesar Salad Competition is the funding source for the successful ʻDays of Taste‘ food education program, and AIWF’s national, discovery-based program. Dallas Independent School District 4th and 5th graders experience a day at the Dallas Farmer’s Market where they explore the ABC’s of taste and health. Face-to-face with DFW chefs, growers/producers, sponsors and AIWF volunteers, students learn how food weaves its way daily from farm to table, and the variety of elements that comprise that journey.

AIWF DFW Chapter provides each student with money to purchase produce, and each is guided to prepare his and her very own salads. The program is modeled after the French “Journée de Goût” program. ʻDays of Taste’ is held once in the fall and once in the spring.

From left: Chef David C. Smith, 2010 Winner, Westin Galleria; Chef John Tesar, 2008 Winner, The Commissary; Chef Janice Provost, 2007 Winner, Parigi Restaurant; Chef Brian Luscher, 2003 Winner, The Grape; Chef Samir Dhurandhar, 2000 Winner, Nick & Sam’s, Nick & Sam’s Grill, Coal Vines; Chef James Neel, 1998 Winner, Tramontana; and Chef Jim Severson, 1997 Winner, Sevy’s Grill.
Caesar Chef Laureates not in photo, but are in the October 30th competition, includes Chef Kent Rathbun, 1994 Winner, Abacus, Jasper’s, Zea’s Woodfire Grill, Rathbun’s Blueplate Kitchen; Chef George Brown, 1996 Winner, George Catering; Chef Gilbert Garza, 2001 Winner, Suze; Chef Doug Brown, 2002 Winner, Amuse, Sala, Beyond the Box; and Chef David Holben, 2004 Winner, Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse.

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