Good Karma Means Good Eats

by Steven Doyle

Take a sustainability instructor from University of Texas at Arlington, a self-taught chef from New York, an old Snap-On Tool truck, and a bit of eastern philosophy and what do you get? Good Karma Kitchen, the rolling gluten-free vegetarian food truck that is days away from hitting the trails of Fort Worth.  

The sustainability instructor is Megan Topham who suffers from celiac disease, an auto-immune disorder that reacts to gluten. Christina MacMicken is the chef who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which caused her to take a serious look at her diet and shed 140 pounds.

The truck is an old Snap-On Tool vehicle that was re-purposed by a San Antonio based company called Cruising Kitchens that revitalizes old trucks turning them into mobile kitchens and multimedia vehicles. The truck was lovingly named Lucy.

Together the trio plan to take Tarrant County by storm and offer nutritionally balanced meals from their new truck; food that will be packed with flavor, gluten-free and vegetarian. Look for a wide variety of food including sushi (MacMicken grew up in a Japanese home), Korean BBQ and other healthful, but taste-packed choices.

Initially, look for a stroke of Good Karma around the Seventh Street and Camp Bowie area in coming weeks. Good Karma also plans to be part of Fort Worth’s Food Park set to open in November. They are currently in training mode.


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4 responses to “Good Karma Means Good Eats

  1. Monica

    Be sure to let us know if they make it over to Dallas!

  2. Thanks so much for the great article! Monica, we are planning to make it to Dallas and are currently working on our permit. For a look at our full menu…visit us at

  3. Cary

    I will make the drive to Fort Worth to try this out. Great idea for sure.

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