First Look: Del Frisco Grille

by Steven Doyle

The highest grossing restaurant in the United States is the Del Frisco Double Eagle Steakhouse located in New York at Rockefeller Center, registering sales upwards to a staggering $36 million annually. For most that have visited one of the many finer steakhouses in Dallas or Fort Worth most assuredly has dined at Del Frisco. Now Del Frisco is offering a more casual surrounding in their latest concept Del Frisco Grille  that just opened on McKinney Avenue in the same building as Private Social, and occupies just over 8,000 square feet of space.

We were invited to the media opening of the Grille and had an opportunity to check out much of the menu. During our visit we spotted many familiar faces from the Del Frisco family, including chef David Holben and also the crew from Sullivan’s, all in to lend a hand in this opening.   

The Grille is casual in the sense that it is playful with a spirited menu that divides its offerings with categories such as Food to Fight Over (appetizers), Ruffage (salads), and Lil’ Somethin’ Somethin’ (side dishes).  

If it weren’t for this playfulness, and the relaxed helpfulness of the servers, you may feel you are somewhere completely different. The restaurant is beautifully appointed with warm woods and an elegance that lends itself to fine dining. Let there be no doubt, you will still find many similarities to a full on Del Frisco such as many selections of prime beef ranging from $29 to $39 for dinner. You will also find shared dishes such as a NOLA BBQ Shrimp ($14), and a White Clam Flatbread ($13).

Many of the appetizers would be a fine substitute for a main course, plus there is a great selection of soups, salads and sandwiches. Shaved Prime Rib Steak Sandwich ($15) I have my eye on you.

The Ahi Tuna Tacos ($13) are served with a tuna tartare, avocado and a spicy citrus mayo. The crunchy tacos are brimming with tuna and the biggest hit of the evening.

Bay of Fundy Salad with Arugula-Citrus Salad

For an even more casual setting, check out the rooftop bar where you may dine in or outdoors facing the lights of Uptown in a super romantic setting.

Prime Filet Mignon Oscar

Dallas is the second location for the Grille, the first in Rockefeller Center, with several more locations planned across the country. This is a fantastic addition to the Dallas dining scene, and one that we are sure you will want to welcome soon.

We will be back soon for a full report on the interesting cocktails served at one of the two bars at Del Frisco Grille.


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  1. Ian

    Very cool. Been waiting for the place to open, good to hear it is a nice place and not like Nick and Sams Grill.

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