Holiday Vignettes: Chef John Tesar

by Steven Doyle

For the next few days we will be running short holiday vignettes that include some of our favorite food people, not all necessarily chefs. Yesterday we sent out a list of questions with a holiday bent, some silly, some more serious, and asked the group to pick just a few to answer. The answers so far have been fun, and we are happy to share these with you.   

Our first to respond was chef John Tesar at the Commissary in One Arts Plaza. John has had a busy year, first working the opening menu at the very successful Cedars Social, then opening his own restaurant. He also won the cooking reality program Extreme Chef and makes the best sandwich I have ever had.

Tell us about a good holiday memory.

My favorite holiday memory was sitting around the table with 20 guests every Christmas Eve eating the seven course seafood feast my mother would prepare every year in the tradition of the Seven Fishes.

What would be a holiday wish for you?

My holiday wish for the world is that people, especially politicians, put greed and selfishness aside and realize everyone is the same and that the issues of hunger, racism, education and the recreation of the middle class are far more important than senseless material possessions, fame and power.


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