Lunch Plans at Bolsa Mercado

by Steven Doyle

Interesting breakfast and lunches with made-from-scratch meats, interesting breads and plenty of quick take home green grocer items is what Bolsa Mercado is offering. The brand spanking new market also offers fresh take-home dinners each night that runs the gamut from hearty roasts to fresh made pastas.    

We ran into chef Jeff Harris who is running the program at Bolsa and Mercado and he said he had plenty of great surprises being cured in the back. Some would be ready later this month. Look for more interesting meats and charcuterie like their fresh pastrami.

We tried a few of the sandwiches offered each day, and the pastrami was pretty special. The sandwich was served on a bed of slaw on a ciabatta bun that was very fresh and fluffy. The chicken salad sounded simple, but was fresh and full of flavor. The sandwich was served on slices of grilled bread.

Available in the deli case you will also find a myriad of fresh sausages. This is why you have talent like Jeff Harris and Matt Balke on hand. Harris mentioned that the would continue to make what the neighborhood was most interested in buying. There is a concerted push for suggestions.

On supply you will find local offerings from Dude, Sweet Chocolate, Spicer’s FM 1410 and other nearby purveyors including a great selection of beer and wine.

Check out the 4,000 square foot space designed by local  Royce Ring and Alexander Urrunaga of Plan B Group and located in Oak Cliff just feet away from the restaurant Bolsa. They are the guys that did Bolsa, Oak and many other designs in Dallas.

Drop in soon and you will definitely find something delicious waiting for you.

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