Great One Cookie Company Swoons Academy Awards

by Steven Doyle

Last year we told you about Great One Cookie Company and the owner, Pam Denesuk. Since opening she has been selling  ton of cookies, and has been shipping all over the country. The tiny bakery on Monticello can really pump out some really good cookies.

Now Pam has really made the big time and caught the eye of some Hollywood types.  As a result her now famous chocolate chip cookie will be offered as swag at the upcoming Academy Awards.   

“We caught the attention of the event company and publicist in Hollywood running the gifting suites. They felt our brand had the kind of cache they were looking for and contacted me directly,” Pam told us yesterday.

So she will be taking her cookie on a road trip with a few assistants, and her chocolate chip or snicker doodles might just be enjoyed by the likes of George Clooney or Meryl Streep.

This isn’t the first time her cookie was recognized. Pam told us that Oprah enjoys them as well.

Check out Great One’s website  and tell us which of the cookies you would like to try and Pam will pick one of our readers at random for a stash she is giving away here at craveDFW.



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11 responses to “Great One Cookie Company Swoons Academy Awards

  1. Adina W.

    Chocolate chip!

  2. Kat

    Me and my family LOVE the Snickerdoodles and would love to have more or try a new flavor!

  3. Alex

    Chocolate Chip!

  4. sofie t.

    The classic chocolate chip

  5. Alyson Brown

    Yummmmm! Oatmeal raisin!

  6. Sarah Emory

    I would love to try some oatmeal chocolate chip!

  7. Agnes

    Ginger Crystal

  8. Sarah, we sent you an email on how to claim your cookies. Thank you all for playing!

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