Rare Red Wattle Hog Dinner at CampO

by Steven Doyle

The Red Wattle hog is a large, red and has a fleshy decorative wattle on each side of its neck.  The breed was thought to arrived on American soil by way of French colonists in the 1700’s who were thought to bring them from Australia. The hog is know for their hardiness and exceptionally lean and juicy beef-like taste and texture.

Last year there were only 200 registered Red Wattle hogs in the United States, making them a particularly rare breed, and you will not typically find the meat on local menus. That is until last night when CampO Modern Country Bistro  executive chef Josh Black set out to create one of his monthly special dinners.  You will recall last month consulting chef Matt McCallister spearheaded his Total Catch dinner, and he collaborated with Black to create the menu for the dinner last night.        

The Red Wattle CampO used last night was procured from Local Yocal  and Genesis Beef in McKinney.

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The dinner started with generous portions of Chicharones with Smoked Paprika and Vinegar Powder, and Whipped Lardo on Crostini with Pickled Onion and Black Radish.

The next dish was a Cotechino served with traditional Lentils and Pancetta. This is a charcuterie that has to be cooked and has  a beautiful rind. This is typically served in Italy for New Years to bring good luck.

When we told Josh Black we wanted a photo of the hog’s head he said it had already been broken down and included in this next dish. Enter the Headcheese Ravioli served in a Pork Consommé. Sublime is an understatement.

The unusal pairing of flavors made the next dish a stand out. Grilled Pork Belly, Mustard Risotto, Tamarind and Peanut Butter.

The next course of a Smoked Country Ham, German Potato Salad and a Deviled Farm Egg allowed the diners to enjoy the rich fattiness of the hog, and the deep flavors from the smoked meat.

The next dish was inspired by David Chang at the New York Ssam Bar where he serves roasted pork butt and oysters family style. These are eaten with lettuce cups. Black included a mild kimchee and a very spicy red sauce that McCallister created. The oysters were as rare to Dallas as the hog. Black served up Washington Penn Cove Selects that somehow found their way to Dallas soil.

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