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Javier’s Is Still El Jefe

by Steven Doyle

There are certain spots in Dallas that belong in a category that is beyond critique. These institutions are engrained in every lifelong Dallasite and should be revered much like that wise, elderly uncle who spins wise about his first love. Every city has such restaurants, and we have ours in North Texas that are enveloped in a flag of taste memories.

The first bite into a postage stamp-sized slice of Campisi’s pizza can fulfill such a memory for many. Forget the fact the mushrooms are most likely not organic and the sausage wasn’t made at Jimmy’s Food Store. You won’t find lithe slivers of handmade charcuterie on the pizza, and that is okay.   This is the classic stuff made famous by the likes of Jack Ruby. Who are we to argue? Continue reading

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HG Sply Co Open For Lunch Daily

hg2by Steven Doyle

I recently did a First Look at HG Sply Company, and since then have been back many, many times. I have found myself in the unique Greenville Ave. restaurant not only for the food, but also the cocktails or beer. The restaurant itself is billed as a paleo restaurant, which is basically things hunted and gathered. But had you not known about that portion of the concept you might not give the menu a second thought, other than the fact it is sincerely well crafted food.    Continue reading

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Locally Speaking: Martin’s Biscotti

martin'sby Steven Doyle

I have been running into a talented gentleman for some time now and have enjoyed his product, Martin’s Biscotti. Biscotti di Prato are those delightful twice baked cookies that make coffee time seem like a thrill ride on a boardwalk. Biscotti are oblong-shaped almond cookies, made dry and crunchy through cutting the loaf of dough while still hot and fresh from baking in the oven. My man Martin Vandiver, along with his beautiful bride Ann Cichon, and daughter Elizabeth run EMA Baking Company who makes these five flavors of biscotti does an incredible job.  Continue reading

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New Menu At CampO Spreads Sunshine On A Plate

by Steven Doyle

CampO Modern Country Bistro launched a new menu last week designed and executed by Chef Michael Ehlert who was named executive chef of the eatery in May. Ehlert’s menu focuses on sustainable proteins, seafood and produce from local farms to prepare innovative dishes with European influences including French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

House Cured Meats, Pear-Braised Pork, Beef Tartare, Charred Fennel and Rhubarb Salad, Pan-Fried Veal Sweetbreads and House Made Pastas are among the menu favorites in addition to the popular nightly specials featuring first-of-season produce and fresh fish from the best fishmongers.   Continue reading

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Something New At The Dallas Farmers Market

by Steven Doyle

I stumbled through the Shed 2 at the Dallas Farmers Market which boasts more than a few really nice food vendors including some of the best barbecue in Dallas, Pecan Lodge and my favorite Reuben at Old World Sausage Company. This weekend I saw a few changes and additions that you should check out.

There is a new restaurant offering sandwiches, wraps and paninis called Frenchie’s Bistro which is in the old Natsumi spot.       Continue reading


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Rare Red Wattle Hog Dinner at CampO

by Steven Doyle

The Red Wattle hog is a large, red and has a fleshy decorative wattle on each side of its neck.  The breed was thought to arrived on American soil by way of French colonists in the 1700’s who were thought to bring them from Australia. The hog is know for their hardiness and exceptionally lean and juicy beef-like taste and texture.

Last year there were only 200 registered Red Wattle hogs in the United States, making them a particularly rare breed, and you will not typically find the meat on local menus. That is until last night when CampO Modern Country Bistro  executive chef Josh Black set out to create one of his monthly special dinners.  You will recall last month consulting chef Matt McCallister spearheaded his Total Catch dinner, and he collaborated with Black to create the menu for the dinner last night.         Continue reading

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