Making Your Own Charcuterie Class at Milestone

by Steven Doyle

Over the past few years the word ‘charcuterie’ has been bandied about quite a bit, and associated with a few very popular local chefs such as David Uygur owner of Lucia, Brian Luscher owner of Grape, and Kuby’s who has been cranking out fresh sausages for ages. In more recent months we have enjoyed Matt McCallister’s creations. We visited some of the old timers last year and caught a fantastic conversation as a few of the more seasoned chefs discussed their product.     

One of the very best chefs in Dallas and the foremost authority on cured meats and sausages is Andre Bedouret, and he is offering an elevated look at his charcuterie in a class this Sunday, March 25, 2012 from noon to 4pm at his Charcuterie Two Class.

During the class you will  Cure Pancetta, Make Lonzino, Chorizo, Venison Saucisson, Fresh Sausages, and address formulations, sanitation, fermentation, and the proper environment for drying and aging sausage and whole muscle. You will also be taste testing various charcuterie products

The class is $99 but it will be an intensive look at how to make cured meats and sausages. Call the Milestone for more information or to sign up for one of the few remaining seats. Best thing about the class is that chef Andre has prepared much of what you will be making in advance for tasting.

Milestone Culinary Arts
4531 McKinney Ave  Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 217-2818


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  1. Really thinking about this one… It’s my current addiction, you know.

  2. Where is this place on McKinney, again? Close to what?

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