Meet The Truck: TX Delizioso

by Steven Doyle

There have been a slew of new food trucks popping up across both Dallas and Fort Worth giving anyone who follows the truck dining scene more options. When the food truck phenomenon  first began it looked like the stereotype to beat was the taco. There are plenty of plays on just about anything wrapped in a tortilla at any truck gathering, so many are now choosing to sway from a typical choice of fare.

Looking at what will be offered in the near future we have spoken with a few that will have some kicked up options and soon we will be enjoying our first Indian cuisine truck. But we ran across a truck this past weekend that at first glance appeared to be running the ordinary but upon closer inspection was nothing of the sort. Enter TX Delicioso a truck whose mainstay is pizza but offers much more.   

Deliziosa is owned and operated by Sydney Brown and Lauren Noblett, the couple that brought us Enticed the truly fantastic shaved ice truck with a plethora of flavors. The new truck has a wide assortment of Texas inspired flavors beyond their pizza, which incidentally the crust is made with Shiner Boch.

The more interesting of offerings are their chicken fried steak, chicken fried chicken and they also do a fried Texas bison number that is superb.  Choose any of these for a mere $7 with a slight up-charge for the bison. For an Italian spin on the fried items choose a chicken parmesan.

Besides all the fried fare, the real winner on the truck is the pizza. Baked in the on-board gas oven the pizza takes more than a few minutes on a busy day, but the crew is rolling out dough and making it fresh — something hungry crowds are willing to wait for.

We spotted the truck at the recent Art’s District Block party where besides a musical outdoor trio the trucks was the only reason to celebrate. Late night truck dining seems to be the new entertainment as there were literally thousands in attendance tapping into the more than a dozen trucks.

Catch TX Delizioso this week at the Dallas Tennis Classic in Las Colinas, or this Saturday evening at the Doublewide. Click here for a complete weekly schedule.

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One response to “Meet The Truck: TX Delizioso

  1. I saw this truck at the Art’s District but didn’t get a chance to try it. Will look for it – love a pizza.

    The variety of food trucks in Dallas is definitely getting there.

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