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Why John Tesar Should Be Voted Back On Top Chef

tesar1 002by Steven Doyle

I do not normally report on the whole Top Chef thing, we always assume our readers are out dining or sipping an amazing tequila, or hob knobbing with a few local bands on their day off. At least that is how I envision you all. However, this season has been particularly interesting with the addition of three talented local chefs.

Be there no doubt that I was all upset when Danyele McPherson from The Grape took her leave from the show just weeks ago. Danyele is talented, perky and a whole lot of fun. I met her first working with McCallister back at Stephan Pyles, and instantly took to her radiant personality. She is a class act and Top Chef could use a few more Danyele’s.   Continue reading

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Top Chef Announces Contestants For Season 10, 3 From Dallas

by Steven Doyle

Consider this the worst kept secret in Dallas food history. Bravo just announced the players for this season of Top Chef and it looks like there are three chefs from the Dallas area. Leading the pack is bad boy chef John Tesar who at 54 years old might possibly be the oldest chef to participate. Tesar is about to open his own restaurant, Spoon, in the coming months.     Continue reading

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ABC’s Carla Hall: Today’s Martha Stewart

by Judy Chamberlain             photos by Robert Bostick

Carla Hall is the new Martha Stewart. The Top Chef All Star and co-host of ABC’s wildly successful  The Chew, has been – like Stewart – a model and finance professional. Stewart was a stockbroker; Hall was an accountant. Both traded careers in business for food and media situations. As beautiful inside as she is to look at, Hall takes America’s love affair with food and chefs over the top.     Continue reading


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Angelo Sosa On His New Book, Top Chef, And How To Make The Best Burger In The Country

by Steven Doyle

I ran into Angelo Sosa this week having dinner with Private Social’s Tiffany Derry and her husband at Village Marquee. Sosa is a fellow Top Chef alumnus and was featured in season 7, the same as Tiffany. He also made it to the Top Chef Masters.

Sosa owns several restaurants in New York including Social Eatz and Añejo Tequileria in Hell’s Kitchen. I had a chance the next day to sit down with the chef to chat about his career and his new photo heavy cookbook.             Continue reading

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Win Padma’s Nespresso

by Steven Doyle

Last evening most of the Dallas food related media was treated to an evening at Private Social with Padma Lakshmi, the super sweet model/actress turned hostess of Top Chef. She started her career as a model at a young age to pay off her student loans, and continued as a cookbook author and eventually actress.    Continue reading


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Lighter Fare For Marquee Grill Lunch Menu In Dallas

by Steven Doyle

You can always tell the change of seasons, not by the weather conditions, but instead by the many menu updates at the better restaurants. Chefs will adjust their menus to reflect the availability of ingredients and this is always a time to celebrate. Like the season itself, chef Tre Wilcox sprung into action to breath new life into the luncheon menu at his restaurant, Marquee Grill.

Now absent are some of the fried victuals that could be found on Wilcox’ menu just a short few weeks ago. You will spot lighter fare, with sauté’s and seafood being the focus.                  Continue reading

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