An Evening With Chef Paul Singhapong at Malai Kitchen

by Steven Doyle

Now retired, chef Paul Singhapong has had a fantastic career working in fine kitchens in both Dallas and San Francisco. The chef worked at the Brasserie Savoy Restaurant in San Francisco, Beau Nash at Dallas Crescent Court Hotel, The Mansion on Turtle Creek and the Melrose Hotel. In 1990 he became the poissonier chef for the Adolphus Hotel’s French Room and in 1985 Singhapong joined the staff of the Lowe’s Anatole Hotel in Dallas. He was also executive chef at the Bay Leaf which garnered 4-stars from the Dallas Morning News. More recently Singhapong  was the executive chef of Cru.              

Although completely comfortable with French cuisine, Singhapong shines with Thai cuisine and last evening he hosted a special dinner at Malai Thai-Vietnamese Kitchen in the West Village.

An Amuse of Sticky Rice with Charred New York Strip and Chile Rice Powder Sauce

Chef  Singhapong has special ties with Yasmin and Braden Wages, owners of Malai. When the young couple first started designing their upbeat menu they sought the advice of chef-owner of Tei An, Teiichi Sakurai, who quickly introduce the them to Singhapong. Singhapong went on to be a respected mentor to the Wages as they opened their first restaurant.

Tub Hua Jai Kuen - Chargrilled Chicken Hearts and Livers in a Street Spice Rub

Meing Kham - Street Salad Snack with Minced herbs, Dried Shrimp, Toasted Coconut, Citrus and Chilies

Last evening was a very special evening for the owners of Malai. I was a guest of the Wages along with a host of regulars of Malai to an off-menu Thai dinner created by Singhapong. I can say without much repercussion that the meal was as authentic as humanly possible on US soil, and there was nothing more than gasps of delight from the crowd of dining revelers.

Geng Som Dork Makaam - Sour Tamarind Seafood Soup with Prawns, Mussels and Seabass

I sat with Yasmin through out the dinner and she was taken back by all the dishes herself. She promises more special evenings like this with guest chefs they admire in the near future, possibly with a series leading through the summer. We will keep you updated on these dinners at craveDFW, or you may add yourself to their mailing list for more information.

Kanom Jin Naham Yaa - Broken Fish Curry with texas redfish, Wild Ginger, Water Spinach, Noodles and Rice Three Ways

Kanom Jin Nahm Yaa - Broken Fish Curry with texas redfish, Wild Ginger, Water Spinach, Noodles and Rice Three Ways

Kai Niaw Dum - Black Rice Pudding with Young Coconut, Longan and Taro



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