Bark Chocolate Premiered This Weekend At Carbone’s

by Steven Doyle

The word local as it pertains to the food we consume is bandied around to the point where we have almost become desensitized to the entire concept. Please do not allow this to happen.  The very idea that we can source products from people we live near not only supports our ecology, but our health and pocketbooks.

The latest young entrepreneur to step up to the local food movement in Dallas is Katy Priore. You may be familiar with her mother Susie who ran beautiful single named restaurants such as Suze and Iris, and is a champion of our local food scene.  It only made sense that her daughter, who herself is a food enthusiast, would eventually break out on her own to open chocolate business named Bark.      

Although Priore was originally trained as a hypno-therapist, she uses those skills in creating her chocolates. More recently she was trained and worked for a California chocolate company and decided to use that expertise in her hometown of Dallas.

Working out of the professional kitchen at Carbone’s, Proire creates interesting mixtures of chocolate barks such as her bacon and toffee mix called Sweet and Swine. She has several flavors currently in her stable of products including a toffee and smoked sea salt, and a healthy super-food version that is chockfull of goji, blueberries, hempseed and chia.

The Campfire Crunch has deep milk chocolate, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and marshmallows. There are plenty of flavor combinations in the planning stages.

In speaking with Priore she is exacting in her mission and big on enthusiasm.“I cook with intention. Energy is connected to everything, and I believe the love I have for the product comes through. That is important. If I am not in a good mood I cannot make chocolate,” said Priore.

The love she has for her Bark definitely rings through in taste.

Currently Bark is just sold at Carbone’s, but look for it to be stocked throughout the Dallas area very soon. Stop in and sample her product today.


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9 responses to “Bark Chocolate Premiered This Weekend At Carbone’s

  1. Nancy Dee

    Oh and they are yummy!

  2. Don’t forget to visit for all things Bark!!!

  3. Lindsay McKinney

    Best chocolate, hands down!!!!

  4. Susie Priore

    I KNEW IT!!!! And they really are THE best chocolates. Go get ’em Dallas!!!

  5. The next generation of culinary genius and fun in Dallas! How lucky can we get!! Congratulations Katy.

  6. My sister, Chelsea, gave out bags of Bark for a friend’s bachelorette party. I NEED some more of the chocolate with crystalized ginger! How can I get it to me south of Houston??


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