A Visit To Four Corners Brewing Company

by Steven Doyle

The brew news is at a fever pitch this week. Today I was on an exclusive tour through the Trinity Groves and decided to check out the progress of the soon to open Four Corners Brewing Company where I found owner John Sims hard at work cleaning kegs and otherwise waiting for bureaucracy to lend its hand at finalizing his legal permits to operate and produce his first batch of beer at 423 Singleton.

When I entered the brewery that is still under construction I met up with Sims who happened to be chatting with Franconia Brewery owner, Dennis Wehrmann.            

“We hope to have six beers that we do year round.  An assortment from our light honey rye golden ale, a robust porter, an English brown, American pale ale, an American red ale and probably a wheat beer. We will also do at least six seasonal beers just for fun throughout the year,” said Sims.

Sims estimates that the brewery will produce kegs for about the first nine months then switch to some sort of bottling system such as cans or bottles, but he is actually hoping to be one of the first craft brewers to produce aluminum bottles which will not only be more attractive with attention to graphics, but also more accessible in a great many venues such as ballparks where bottles are not normally allowed.

Sims and his partners have been working on the brewery for the past two years. Sims has been brewing beer professionally since 1993 and has worked at several venues including Copper Tank, and has spent a few years building brew equipment and at bottling companies.

Sims is also a handy home brewer and makes his own sake as well.

There is no definite date for the brewery to open, but look for a special tour and a cask beer if you are a VIP at the Untapped Beer and Music Festival which will be located at Trinity Groves September 8, 2012.

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