The Barflies At Boulevardier Dine Well

by Steven Doyle

Checking out new restaurants can be a difficult task when there are so many elements to soak in, especially when it comes to a restaurant as interesting and inspiring as Boulevardier. Boulevardier is the latest attraction in the Bishop Arts District run by a dream team of the guys from Restaurant Ava (Nathan Tate and Randall Copeland) and the brothers who own Veritas (Brooks and Bradley Anderson).          

We went to check out the new digs last evening, as it would appear half the known foodie universe. There were plenty of food writers, chefs and other industry friendlies in the restaurant.  We walked in during the rush of dinner service and tables were a premium, so we cozied up to the bar next to Dallas Morning News Mr. Dallas who was slurping up the last of his oysters and a cocktail.

We decided that might be the best plan of action and perused a few menus looking for bar friendly fare.

The menu is ripe with excellent sharable dishes such as a burrata, pork rillettes, crawfish beignets, a charcuterie board and a selection of oysters that are cold and expertly shucked at the bar.

We went for the charcuterie board which included the night’s favorite, a tongue pastrami that was piquant and flavorful.

Eddie Eakin runs the show at the bar, but we also spotted a certain bartender who was featured on craveDFW last week, Ashley Williams. We had her make us the namesake cocktail, a Boulevardier which is swishy concoction of vermouth, Campari and bourbon. Excellent, as you might expect. This qualifies as a classic crave cocktail worth sipping.

Along with the cocktails we checked out the beer selection. There were just a few taps available, but Eakin, who is a cicerone, thought out the choices well. We spotted a few local brews but decided on a Tripel Karmeliet which is a full-bodied but smooth beer with a lacy head and a tender nose of fruit. A perfect summery beer that is worth drinking, especially with the nice selection of briny oysters we purchased.

The final dish, and the one most buzzed about as we passed the plate across the bar was Boulevardier’s take on escargots. This is the third time we sampled a snail dish this week, and these babies were by far the most sophisticated.

We are all anxious to go back for another run at this new restaurant, but perhaps we need to go a bit later in the evening so we can snag some prime real estate — or actually make reservations.

408 N Bishop Ave, Bishop Arts District
(214) 942-1828


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9 responses to “The Barflies At Boulevardier Dine Well

  1. If you don’t like sweet cocktails, Boulevadier is your bar. None of the cocktails i tasted were too sugary.

  2. This is very true. They are well crafted and thought out cocktails. Jon knows his booze.

  3. David Indorf

    I took advantage of the opportunity to preview Boulevardier this past Monday, and while I’m not an industry insider, it would be disingenuous not to admit that I’ve known Brooks and Bradley for years. Nonetheless, insider or no, the service was spot on, as were the food and fluids. I suggest you hie yourselves hence and grab a table before they become scarce.

  4. Rob

    loved the bouillabaise and steak frites but the charcuterie was the highlight

    was fun sitting two seats down from Jon Alexis Monday night

  5. Kim

    I’m a wee bit embarrassed that I’ve now been three nights in a row, sitting at the bar each time. Beef tongue pastrami gets my vote as yummiest thing on “the big board”. Everything I have tasted has been very good, even things I wouldn’t normally order, such as escargots. The spirit of the place is great, as anyone who has spent much time at Veritas or Ava might expect. And, of course, Eddie rocks. He not only pairs food and beverage perfectly, he gets to know what his regulars tastes are pretty quickly.

    • True. Eddie is a perfect host and a hard working guy at that. The bar might very well be the best seat in the house. Looking forward to the patio opening. There is talk of a craveDFW happy hour when it does.

  6. Sharat C

    The Duck Leg Confit riding atop the overly generous bowl of Cassoulet is out of this world!

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