NYLO Irving Kicking Up The Menu

by Steven Doyle

As summer shows signs of moving along in deference to another season, we decided to check in and check out the NYLO Hotel in Irving; this on the eve of the latest version of NYLO opening in the South Side area just south of downtown Dallas.

The NYLO Hotels are chic, fun and a fantastic escape for a couple to recharge their batteries without the burden and expense of actually leaving the city. The hotel has that stylish-inner city feel as all the rooms are actually lofts that are stark, yet spry. The rooms are well appointed with all the necessities you might find at any hotel, but without the cookie cutter feel you often experience at a similarly priced room most anywhere.       

The NYLO has all the trappings of any hotel, including meeting rooms, work out facilities and a full service restaurant and bar. This is what we have been craving all weekend as we met up with the hotel’s new chef, Matthew Brown. Brown has worked in many fine hotels, country clubs and restaurants, including a stint with Avner Samuel at Aurora. The chef said that he is usually hired into a restaurant to fix what might be ailing it, but that was not the case at the NYLO.

The menu currently features standard fare that will please most anyone, including a selection of small plates with a slight Asian bent. Lamb lollipops, herbed Texas Bob White quail, several steaks and a selection of fresh seafood adorn the menu. The restaurant has performed well, especially considering there is typically a large population of locals cocktailing and dining.

It is simple to see why locals gather at the NYLO since it is mostly the only stylish choice in the area that is steep-up in Indian restaurants, fast food and chains.

Crisped Pork Belly and Cranberry Bread Pudding 

A Meaty Short Rib with Pommes Dauphine

Crispy Redfish with Orange and Pomegranate Seeds

Paula Lambert’s Burrata con Crema 

The chef walked us through his ideas on changing out the menu to make it fresh and more to his style. We sampled some of the dishes he has been working on and are not yet on the menu. This is a chef to watch. He is as stylish with his plating as the hotel is with their décor. It is fun, witty and often charming.

Brown’s vision is to offer more shared plates to pair well with the bar’s many custom cocktails that are neither overly sweet, over-priced, but are definitely as playful as the chef.

For year round staycation and escape, check out the NYLO and ask for Chef Brown.

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