DallasBrewFest Next Week And You Can Win A Pair Of VIP Passes Here

by Steven Doyle

Join Dallas Observer on Saturday, September 15th in the Dallas Arts District as they jam the  DallasBrewFest presented by Gateway Buick GMC (Formerly Brew at the Zoo). Enjoy sampling over 150 types of beer from around the globe, while listening to live music from Cody Canada and The Departed and Kirby Brown. Doors open at 6:00 for VIP and 7:00 for General Admission.          

Ticket Includes 12 – 2oz. Beer Samplings, with additional sampling cards available for purchase for $2 at the event. General Admission: $30 | VIP Admission: $60. Guests must be 21+, with a valid I.D. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Dallas Arts District.

VIP includes: 12 – 2 oz. Beer Samplings from 150+ Beer Options plus access one hour earlier at 6pm, access to VIP Area with liquor sampling and exclusive catered food provided by Park Tavern and Asian Mint + The Mint.

Party Responsibly and Stay at the Hotel Indigo. BrewFest Special Rate of $79/night Plus Tax. Must Book by Aug 31 and use Group Code: BRW.  Book your room here.

Purchase tickets here using this discount code: CRAVEDFW

You can win a pair of VIP passes for you and your favorite beer buddy by commenting below with some sort of whimsical beer story. We will award the prize Tuesday morning in a random drawing.



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9 responses to “DallasBrewFest Next Week And You Can Win A Pair Of VIP Passes Here

  1. LuAnn Bergman

    You know I need to win some beer!!!!

  2. This event looks very cool 🙂

  3. After 11:00 mass last Sunday at St. Peters, I had a long conversation with Father Jack. We discovered our mutual love for BEER. To make a long story short, Father Jack will announce his retirement from the priesthood at next Sundays mass. He and I will be starting a new church. We are going to call it, Our Lady Of Barley and Hops. We have many details to work out yet, but have decided on a few things we are going to do, and how to help with the hangover.

    BEER will be handed out as you arrive at mass each Sunday. Instead of the host, at halftime, we will have servers that distribute the sacred pretzels. A collection will be taken each mass to be used to buy BEER for the church officers for the week, and to stock up for the following Sunday. Our two first prayers will be the “Our Father Who Art In Jail”, and “Hail Mary Full Of BEER”.

    Confessions will be heard daily in the church basement, at the bar. Sunday brunch after each mass will consist of pickled eggs, chicken wings, French-fried mushrooms and jalapeno poppers. At Christmas we will celebrate the birthday of our hero, the dude
    that invented beer, which of course we all know was Leroy BEER in 1736 (BC).

    The usual sermon will consist of exaggerated fishing stories, how to rebuild an engine, divorce stories, and the usual sex stuff. I have another meeting scheduled with (ex) father Jack this week. I will keep you posted with our progress and let you know more details, and how to join……………….BLESS YOU !

  4. Rebecca S

    I learned to count to 4 in Hebrew because that was the most beers I could carry away from the bar when I spent time in Israel. And of course “He brews” is self-explanatory.

    Also, a friend and I once talked our way backstage at a concert by offering the band a case of beer that was in our trunk in the parking lot. They were just starting out and poor and weren’t getting free drinks yet at venues. Next time they were in town at a bigger venue and on a major label, it was sold out and we missed getting tickets. We stopped by the venue that afternoon to see if they were releasing tickets and ran into the band manager who remembered our names!! He put us on the guest list, and we hung out with the band in a huge upstairs room where we had unlimited free Heinekens. We even did an impromptu slip n slide on the wood floor with beer. So the gift of beer is the best gift of all!

  5. Sometime in March, some friends and I went to the tour Franconia Brewery up in McKinney. I had been several times before (you can’t learn enough about brew right?!), but others had not. Dennis Wehrman (the brew master and owner of Franconia) is a delightful, funny, and imparts his beer wizardry with German charm and humor! It’s 10:30 am and the day’s off to a fantastic start of drinking/learning/appreciating all things beer. The tour had moved onto the cooling room and Dennis was continuing his charm and beer education when BOOOOOOOOOM! Insulated door blows off and all of us huddled within the room see a wave of beer! A fermentation tank had blown knocking down a wall and scattering debris/shrapnel everywhere 🙁 Luckily we had moved away from that area or injuries could have been more severe. A few employees were taken to the hospital with a broken arm and maybe some lacerations from the explosion. Blessed and lucky the situation wasn’t worse. To this day, it’s my most memorable brewery experience and if my time was called and I had to depart this great Earth (the only known planet with beer!) I’d like to think going out in a beer explosion, would be one heck of a way! Cheers!

  6. Anne Marie

    Use Natty Light for
    Your naked beer slip n’ slide
    Don’t waste the good stuff

  7. Jordan

    This one time, I entered to win some tickets to the Untapped beer fest… but didn’t win. So the next week, I entered to win the next best thing.

  8. Jeff Dutton

    Many years ago in college we debated the best profession to say while inebriated. The winner was physicist, try it. Recently I realized a dream, while having dinner and drinks with friends I found out one of my fellow diners was by profession an actual physicist. Needless to say as the evening wore on he became a ‘phizzashist’, and is taking that with him to work.

  9. Jeff Dutton is our winner. An email to confirm will follow.

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