Ruthies Rolling Cafe Announces A New Truck (Think Crepes)

by Jennifer Thomas

Ruthie’s Rolling Cafes are a trio of food trucks that have set a new standard in roving delicacies.  The first food truck, called Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe, introduced a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich that took Dallas by storm. Offering melt in your mouth grilled cheese sandwiches to the DFW area, word spread like wildfire and Ruthie’s achieved a cult following overnight.

“We use our grandmother’s nostalgic cheesy dreamy recipes and prepare them with love in our “kitchen on wheels”, the result is Ruthie’s Rolling Café, our best idea ever,” said owner Ashlee Hunt Kleinert.    

The second food truck, Ruthie’s Cheesesteak Cafe, broke onto the Dallas scene and created a cheesesteak obsession the size of Texas. Like all things from Ruthie’s, these sandwiches are big and robust. Made to order especially for you, the choices and combinations you can create while building your edible masterpiece are endless. The Amoroso Hoagie is filled with rib-eye steak or chicken set in melted cheese.

Ruthie’s third food truck and newest addition, Ruthie’s Rolling Creperie’, will hit Dallas November, 2012. In addition to their gourmet grilled cheese and cheesesteak sandwiches they will also serve up French cuisine Texas style; big and hearty.

The new crepe menu is extensive and delicious, offering both savory and sweet. The menu includes classic ingredients and creative combinations that will excite even the most selective foodie.

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