Union Bear Family Beer Dinner

by Steven Doyle

The first Tuesday of each month Union Bear hosts a family beer dinner. The inexpensive 3-course dinner is infinitely more pleasant than any Thanksgiving dinner you have ever had with your family as the table is swirled with whimsical conversation about food and beer. There is no bickering about dark family secrets, just dark beer.  

This past week we enjoyed the latest edition of the dinner when chef John Kleifgen cranked out some seasonal dishes to pair with even more seasonal beers. Pumpkin was abounding both in food and brews. The Chocolate-Cayenne Pot de Creme and Kahlua Whipped Cream was a perfect ending to the meal.

You can join the Brewmembers Dinner each moth by checking out Union Bear’s website or follow them on Facebook. The next dinner is december 12, 2012 (ahh 12.12.12) and you can make your reservations now. Union Bear is the home to some of the best beer on a Dallas tap and every beer sells for an even five bucks for some of the best brews available.


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