Acme F&B Looking Grimm

by Melissa Robert

Being known as a food lover amongst your peers means that you are regularly asked where to dine in Dallas. Last week I had the pleasure of enjoying a meal with friends at Acme F&B and I can safely say this is one restaurant you don’t want to miss.

Upon entering the large front doors I was immediately greeted not only by the hostess, but also by a wonderful and enticing aroma that filled the air. I made my way to the bar in the back, enjoying the thoughtful and warm décor anchored by a large fireplace in the middle of an open dining room. The patio area is also very spacious, this night I opted for the cozy grouping of armchairs near the fireplace.    

The bartender suggested the Brotherly Love from the cocktail menu, which was quite tasty, and after skimming over the list I’m sure I would not have been disappointed with any selection. The beer and wine list was impressive as well.

I soon met my friends and we were seated near the kitchen; great for watching all the appetizing dishes that exited the galley. Our server explained the whole animal allocation concept, which the restaurant currently employs; a practice means that nothing goes to waste. For example, some restaurants might only select the most desirable cuts from the meat distributor Local Yocal, but Acme puts the parts that patrons may not be as familiar with in a delicious charcuterie board paired with amazing cheeses. The menu looked incredible and after some promising suggestions we began our dinner with several appetizers.

An adventurous dish that I was looking forward to was the steak tartare topped with a farm egg, a surprising departure from tartare of recent memory. With 3 types to choose from, we opted for a dozen west coast oysters, which had a clean and smooth taste. I’ve been on a serious charcuterie kick lately, much like The Grape, Acme F&B impressed me with a memorable array of meats and cheeses.

The soup of the day was asparagus. Flavorful and creamy, the soup was a perfect choice for the chilly fall nights we are now enjoying here in Dallas. The salad options were fresh and bold as well. The wedge was a pleasantly cold and palate cleansing precursor to our delicious entrees.

Duck Confit

Duck Breast

The energy in the dining room complemented the flavorful start to our meal and we had the pleasure of getting to chat with Executive Chef, Norman Grimm, as he stopped by the table to say hello. Grimm, who held the reigns last at Texas Spice in the Omni Hotel and Mercury before that was enthusiastic about what’s taking place at Acme F&B. Flexing his culinary creativity in the McKinney Avenue kitchen since September, it’s easy to see why the dining room was still abuzz well after 9:30 pm.

Chicken and Dumplings

The dinner plates we selected were outstanding and perfectly portioned. Unanimously, one of the favorites this evening was the duck breast, which was seasoned and cooked perfectly. A very close second was the fantastic center cut steak. The meat was tender and flavorful, the savory factor here reminded me very much of a steak I enjoyed at Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille. Another memorable choice was the chicken and dumplings; a robust take on something we all know and love.

If you aren’t a dessert person, (I don’t know any of these people personally) be sure to save room. The desserts were as mouth-watering and interesting as I had anticipated. The chocolate trio was as delectable as it was imaginative. If you are looking for a dessert that might remind you of childhood delights, the pineapple upside down skillet will be right up your alley. The flaky and subtly sweet apple tart was also a big hit this night.

Knowledgeable staff, amazing food, and atmosphere you can appreciate, Acme F&B has something for everyone.

Acme F&B
4900 McKinney Ave, Dallas
(214) 443-0003


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  2. Looks amazing; I’ve gotta try that tartare! Pretty sure no one beats my Meme’s chicken ‘n dumplings though 😉

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