2013 Mardi Gras In Oak Cliff

DSC05597by Steven Doyle

I am still suffering from the Oak Cliff Mardi Gras celebration yesterday, and especially thrilled by the ginormous parade as it tooled its way down Davis aiming eastward towards Bishop Arts. The sidewalks were brimming with cheering hoards as they were on the receiving end of beads, baubles and tiny treats.  



The day’s event also included a costume contest, a 5k run and a festival, culminating in the enormous parade.

I took cover in Bolsa, sipping one of their finer cocktails and enjoying the revelry from a distance. What an amazing day it was to be celebrating in Oak Cliff. There were amazing parties strewn across Oak Cliff replete with crawfish boils and live bands.


Meanwhile in New Orleans, Chef DAT was hobnobbing with the Krewe of Bacchus and their king, Will Ferrell. Past Bacchus kings include Andy Garcia, Elijah Wood, Charlton Heston and the original, Danny Kaye.



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2 responses to “2013 Mardi Gras In Oak Cliff

  1. AJB

    what, no beignets ?

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