craveRADIO For March 25, 2013

trio2by Steven Doyle             photos by Thomas Garza

Yesterday proved that all the months of planning craveRADIO was well worthwhile. The two hour broadcast on 1190 AM went by extremely fast. When we completed our inaugural program there were still many callers left hanging, and one very special guest we were not able to speak with. Overall we deemed the first show success, but that is certainly for the public to determine.

Click this link to listen to the replay podcast Crave Radio 3-24-13

Our first show was centered around the new Trinity Groves project in West Dallas. We tapped a fantastic source of information and invited Mark Brezinzki to the studios. Mark has a keen insight into restaurants, and for phase one of Trinity Groves he is on the selection committee and develops the new concept along side Phil Romano. 


Brezinski’s restaurant history is vast and helped develop such concepts as Pei Wei, Tin Star, Velvet Taco and many others you are surely familiar with.

Also on Sunday’s program we spoke with the darling of Trinity Groves, Uno Immanivong, who recently appeared on The Taste, a cheffy television program featuring such hosts as Anthony Bourdain. Sadly, we did not go too much into the Bourdain realm with Uno as our show was briskly moving along, and we had her business partner Adrian Verdin in studio to discuss the television program he has been shopping.




Adrain has an affinity for bartending and has been working on a cocktail filled pilot where his crew travels from city to city in search of the perfect cocktail. The show culminates each episode with a cocktail throw-down. Sounds exciting, and not particularly sure why this hasn’t already been done. The show will be hosted by Jason Kosmas.

We probably needed Adrian on the show first as he also whipped up a batch of Sazeracs for the crew to enjoy.

The banter between Adrian and Uno was spirited itself. The pair are opening Chino in Trinity Groves, and have many more concepts in the works. Chino is the Latin/ Asian infusion tapas restaurant concept slated to open this Summer.

Uno is so charming we invited her back as often as she would like to co-host the program with us, and she readily agreed.




For the first edition of craveRADIO I am excited with the staff we have assembled. Kudos goes out to Ken Kucwaj, Mondo Mike and Melissa Robert. Melissa acted as our call screener, but will get some on air time in the next show. She is a contributor to craveDFW and very knowledgeable in the Dallas food scene. Mondo was amazing as the shows producer and kept the show running smoothly, being the professional that he is. We would all like to thank Thomas Garza for his work as our photographer.

Next week we will feature the Easter edition, since we cannot run a “Best Of” show yet. Keep reading craveDFW for more details.

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