Whataburger Offering Their New Bottled Ketchup and Fries at H-E-B Stores Across Texas

what1by Steven Doyle

Today, at the Whataburger Family Convention, a biannual gathering of more than 2,000 Whataburger attendees, CEO Preston Atkinson announced Whataburger will launch into retail sales for the first time by bottling its popular line of condiments – Fancy Ketchup, Spicy Ketchup and Original Mustard – making them available exclusively at all Texas and Mexico H-E-B stores this summer. H-E-B will also add a new product based on Whataburger’s iconic brand called Whatafries.   

H-E-B will carry both of Whataburger’s ketchup varieties, Fancy Ketchup and Spicy Ketchup, in 20-ounce bottles and its Original Mustard in 16-ounce bottles with labeling that reads, “Bottled by Popular Demand”, “Wake Up Your Taste Buds” and “The True Taste of a Whataburger.” Whataburger’s Original Mustard is a one-of-a-kind recipe that was first spread on a Whataburger in the 1950s, and its Fancy Ketchup – with a recipe that proves not all ketchups are created equal – has been a customer favorite for years.


H-E-B is also launching a new, unique product called “Whatafries” that leverages Whataburger’s legendary brand. The H-E-B product is a potato chip version of the French fry, cut from real potatoes and available in a 7.4 ounce bag. These crispy, delicious French fries are ready to eat straight from the bag. Original Flavor H-E-B Whatafries will debut this summer on the snack

“Venturing into the retail segment is very exciting for us at Whataburger because it gives us the opportunity to serve our loyal customers in a whole new way,” said Senior Vice President of Whataburger Retail Dino Del Nano. “We look forward to developing this new area of the Whataburger business and seeing our products on H-E-B shelves this summer.”

Atkinson also announced Whataburger’s unique Spicy Ketchup would become a permanent condiment at all of its 740+ restaurants across its 10-state service area. After introducing the red jalapeño-infused condiment in January 2012 to kick up the popular Fancy Ketchup recipe with some spice, it was an instant hit among customers.

H-E-B also owns the Central Market stores, so we can expect to see these products locally.

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  1. I guess this means I should stop hoarding the little tiny packets of spicy ketchup. My husband thinks I’m a little crazy but they went away so quickly last year!

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