Acme F&B To Become Beer Garden

acme2by Steven Doyle

Acme F&B released their wunderkind chef Norman Grimm as they begin to re-concept the brand into a more casual beer-centric bar with food.  I confirmed the news with Brooke Humphries this morning and she said that she wanted to get back to her roots and do what they do best.

The space will indeed be a beer garden. “We have 36 taps, a great patio,” Humphries wrote to us, “we will have good food with a lower price point. I’m not a sea bass person, I am more a Waygu burger bacon jam and redneck cheddar or flatbread kinda bar person, ya know?” 

Look for Acme F&B to remain open with a limited menu until the transformation is complete. Consultants on beer would be Brianna Larson from Barcadia and Matt Tobin from Goodfriend according to Humphries. “We think the space is great and we are great friends with Brooke. Josh [Yingling] and i are advising her on the beer line up,” said Tobin today.

We will miss chef Grimm’s version of the pancake that haunted us for so many Sundays. That man can cook.


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