Bolsa Closes For Lunch Service, Mercado Beefs Up Menu

bolsamercadoby Steven Doyle

On craveRADIO this past weekend we broke the story that Bolsa was closing for lunch each day, only to beef up the menu next door at Bolsa Mercado. The Mercado is cheffed by Andrew Bell, and he has added burgers (beef, veggie and turkey), more sandwiches, pastas and salads to that menu in an effort to utilize the massive kitchen at that space.             


We spoke to Bolsa Chef de Cuisine Matt Balke Sunday evening and he said that this actually did not lessen the workload for the group of chefs as they have been taking on more catering gigs. In fact, they have slated plans to add a more robust breakfast to the Mercado menu in coming weeks..

This might prove as an inconvenience for those wanting a three martini luncheon at Bolsa since the Mercado does not serve alcohol. In addition to the menu changes at Mercado, the space made a midnight remodel, moving racks to make way for additional seating. The result is a cleaner layout utilizing the same amount of local products as before the changes.


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