Pop Tarts Popping Up Everywhere

pop tartby Steven Doyle

Remember that time when I said jokingly “I do not want to live in a world with Pop Tart flavored vodka”. Time for me to make a deal with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for an exit strategy to Mars, because the geniuses who make Corn Flakes and Eggo Waffles released their own line of vodka.

I do not suspect we will be finding the brand of vodka competing for well space with the likes of our beloved Aylesbury Duck from Jason Kosmas in local bars such as Standard Pour or Smyth, but the spirit will definitely move some to offer a S’Mores martini using the Kellogg’s product. 

Kellogg’s initially is rolling out three classic flavors including Strawberry, S’mores, and Brown Sugar Cinnamon. But soon you will find more flavors; three a year we are told. There will also be some versions with sprinkles added for that wild party affect you have been begging for in your booze.

A rep from Kellogg’s told us last week in a phone interview that the spirit mimics the toaster pastry in the fact that it could be served cold or hot. Given a bit of warmth the vodka takes on a toasted flavor.


The vodka announcement is fresh off the heels of the Carl’s Jr offering of a Pop Tart ice cream sandwich which is on sale now for a buck forty-nine at your nearest location. For those in the Dallas area there are at least three locations, including one at 4341 Lemmon.

A Pop Tart martini and an ice cream sandwich is part of a balanced breakfast as far as you know, so get after it today. I will be mapping out resort property on Olympus Mons.



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  1. Bill S.

    Brilliant !!!

  2. But Detroit has still been held back by its failure to capture foreign investors, scared away by the city’s ills.

  3. Where can I get this pop tart flavored vodka?

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