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Pop Tarts Popping Up Everywhere

pop tartby Steven Doyle

Remember that time when I said jokingly “I do not want to live in a world with Pop Tart flavored vodka”. Time for me to make a deal with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for an exit strategy to Mars, because the geniuses who make Corn Flakes and Eggo Waffles released their own line of vodka.

I do not suspect we will be finding the brand of vodka competing for well space with the likes of our beloved Aylesbury Duck from Jason Kosmas in local bars such as Standard Pour or Smyth, but the spirit will definitely move some to offer a S’Mores martini using the Kellogg’s product.  Continue reading


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Taco Cina Has Kick Ass Queso

by Steven Doyle

If you tool around one of the city’s better food intersections, Preston and Royal, you might have spotted  hidden amongst the brush and in the same parking lot as Sushi Star. I could have sworn some months ago the sign read Taco Taco, and upon a bit of inquiry I was correct.  Owner Eddie Hilazi had to alter the name just a bit after some flack with a restaurant using the same name in San Antonio. 

Taco Cina is a play on Cocina, which means kitchen in Spanish. Say the name really fast and you will get this.   Continue reading


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Chef DAT Back In The Saddle With Dallas and NOLA Underground Dinners

by Steven Doyle

Chef DAT is back in the saddle again after his consulting job opening up the mason bar, and he has been selling his underground dinners at record pace. We sent in a secret crew to dine last week and to snap up some photos of the Sunday night dinner DAT hosted and found that his styling is in rare form these days.

We spoke to DAT today on the phone and he mentioned that he has a few more Dallas dinners before taking his show on the road to New Orleans where he will be cooking in the kitchen of a beautiful NOLA manse.    Continue reading

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Second DAT Dinner Announced

by Steven Doyle

Note: We just spoke with DAT and this sold out in minutes after we announced the dinner.

Fresh off the heels of leaving Mason Bar, Chef DAT is back in the underground action hot and heavy and ready to serve up some of his now legendary dinners. His first dinner was announced yesterday and sold out lickety-split. So fast the young chef has announced a second dinner for this weekend to be at a mystery location in Lakewood.

It is BYOB and will be a 6 course tasting menu for $70 per person not including gratuity. Check out DAT’s website to reserve your space. This is a very limited dinner and will sell fast.

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A Visit to Russian Banya

by Steven Doyle

Hidden in a small Carrollton shopping center on Rosemeade Parkway is a tiny oasis of Russia that is steeped up in time honored tradition of cooking and the only Banya in Texas.

Russian Banya, Spa and Cafe has Russian, Finnish and Turkish steam rooms. The Russian steam room holds a wood-burning masonry stove and is kept above 200 degrees with 40-65 percent humidity. The dry cedar-lined Finnish sauna stays between 180-210 degrees with 5 or 10 percent humidity. The Turkish sauna is a wet steam room kept at 90-110 degrees with 100 percent humidity.      Continue reading

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