Fork Fight Battle With Chino Chinatown vs Kitchen LTO

DSC08861by Steven Doyle

Another edition of Trinity Grove’s Fork Fight battle is under our belts, all eight courses of it. Last night 282 hungry fans showed for a taste of the fun and witness the action between chefs Uno Immanivong (Chino Chinatown) and Norman Grim (Kitchen LTO). Both of the restaurants will open soon and if the crowd count is any indication, both will be wildly successful.

The evening started with a few fresh cocktails from Chino partner Adrian Verdin. One was a Latin play on a classic Sazarac using mescal and infused with chocolate.  These were powerfully delicious and a perfect way to begin the night. 


Both teams prepped for the battle for most of the week. The chefs and their team mates took over the kitchen at 3015 in Trinity Grove, plus spilled out into the guest area with where additional plating and cooking took place. This would all prove to be epic.

Let’s check out the dishes served last night and you decide who the winner is. We will make the big reveal at the end.

DSC08884Chino Duck Confit Tamale

DSC08878LTO Yellowtale Tuna Tartar

DSC08890Chino Butter Poached Lobster Spring Roll

DSC08895LTO Pork Belly

DSC08900Chino Mexican Coke Braised Short Rib

DSC08899LTO Braised Short Rib

DSC08906Chino Piña Colada Cake with Salted Coconut Rum Caramel

DSC08910LTO Crème Fraiche Sorbet

The night went by fast once the courses started to arrive. Each course was served with a choice of wines that flowed freely, making the event extra special. Highlights for the evening included Uno’s duck confit tamale and Norman’s tuna tartar. That was a particularly delicious round.

Other highlights included the LTO pork belly, Chino’s short rib and that delicious cake from Chino. Unfortunately the sorbet was a bit of a mess when it arrived table side, but the crème fraiche flavor was spot on flavorful and rich. the ultimate victory went to Team Uno and the Chino Chinatown players. I would chalk that up to Uno’s gift of marketing and one fabulous version of short ribs.

The battle continues next week as Amberjax Seafood takes on the Italian Stallion Saint Rocco. This should prove interesting with the varied flavors that will be in play. Nab your seats here, folks.


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