craveRADIO: July 28, 2013


by Steven Doyle       photos by Robert Bostick

This past Sunday on craveRADIO we hosted several amazing guests including Elias Pope, one of the owners at HG Sply Co. located on lowest Greenville Avenue. We discussed what the whole paleo diet is, what it isn’t, and he shared some of the more delicious items on the menu. Be sure to taste that lamb shank, it is a giant ball of lamb goodness.

Elias also discussed HG’s philosophy on culling ingredients from local sourcs, something that is extremely popular these days. But Elias has a different take on local, and goes extreme when possible, including tapping into local resources to set up his beer selections (thank you Stephanie Roethlisberger from the Bottle Shop) and a special cocktail temptress to concoct that menu (nods to Emily Perkins at Victor Tango).  

If you listen closely, Elias also talks about the burgeoning Greenville Avenue business that includes the new Trader Joes and names some of he new tenants moving into that area for a huge scoop of restaurant love.


Also on Sunday’s program we enjoyed having Leann Berry, who is the young lady behind the stick at Komali, the restaurant that is Abraham Salum’s answer to Mex-Mex near Uptown. She was so happy to make us all some pretty delicious sangria that she whips up fresh daily at the restaurant. Along with her she also brought in Anastacia Quinones, the whimsical chef from Komali. AQ was a bit mic shy but managed to answer a few cuisine questions we had lined up for her.

Leann was recently named one of the top ten bartenders in Texas by Texas Monthly, which is certainly high praise considering there are plenty of those in the Lone Star State. She also discussed the Sunday evening Industry Night where restaurant and bar employees can bring in their friends to dine half price. Everyone is invited to stop in on Sundays, and you might spot your favorite chef or waiter eating some very spicy ribs.



Premiering this week was Epicurious Emma who gave us a shout out, and she brought along her mother and Fork Fight victor, Uno Immanivong, who is our permanent guest host each week. You can hear Epi Emma’s first review here

All this and so much more each week on craveRADIO found on 1190am, or you can also listen live via IheartRadio by downloading that app to your smartphone or laptop. Or click the link below and hear the rebroadcast right now.

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