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Promise of Peace Garden Dinner This Sunday


The Promise of Peace Garden is raising money to fund a new program where youth on probation in Dallas County will receive 12 weeks of unique training in life skills, career pathways and garden to table culinary experiences. Dinner will consist of four courses prepared by local chefs Sharon Van Meter of 3015, Graham Dodds of Hibiscus, Justin Box, and Ryan Barnett of Green Grocers. The dinner will be accompanied by wine from Oak Cliff Cellars, and guests will walk away with a newly created P.O.P. Garden Rosemary Delight by Dr Sue’s Chocolate.   Continue reading

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Trinity Groves Savor Pairings Event This Thursday And We Have A Deal

3015by Steven Doyle

It is not too late to purchase your tickets to the Savor Dallas Trinity Groves Pairings that happens this Thursday.  The event has partnered with Sigel’s to bring you over 40 wines to sample along with food pairings provided by the many restaurants about to open in Trinity Groves. We have a list below of the restaurant’s offerings.

Pairings is this Thursday from 6 to 9pm at the 3015 facility in Trinity Groves. You may pick up your tickets now at the event website.   Tickets are priced at $40, a bargain for this style of event with as many wines that are being offered. Use promo code VINO and save $15. Continue reading

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Check Out This Week’s CraveRADIO!

cradio4by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

If you missed craveRADIO this week you missed a lot of fun. Each Sunday the crew from craveDFW hits the airwaves on 1190am from 4 to 6pm and discusses a week of restaurants and fun events we hot during the week. The cast of characters includes Melissa Robert, Chef Uno Immanivong, Kenny Kuczwaj and myself, along with a few invited guests that includes top area chefs, restaurant owners and bartenders. We also speak to wine makers and brew masters.

This week we invited Chef Sharon Van Meter into the studio to discuss her projects at Trinity Groves that include her huge party venue, 3015, and the French restaurant that will be opening very soon, Beignet Bistro. We got the inside scoop on the menu at the Bistro and also chatted about the ultimate battle of Fork Fight where this week’s winner will be pitted against Van Meter.

We also learned a little bit about Van Meter’s chef background in Paris and working across the globe at some of the finest restaurants. She also shared the fact she was entered in the 1972 Olympics pitted against one Olga Korbut.        Continue reading


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Cooking Classes At 3015: Week 3

stirfryclass3by Robyn Folmar

Class Three at 3015 Trinity Groves Cooking School involved butter. Lots and lots of butter; clarified butter, pats of butter, ladles of butter. And cream. It was a heart buster and I don’t see any reason why nobody serves beurre blanc in milkshake glasses.

Check out Week One and Week Two

We made sautéed trout with beurre blanc, veal piccata, and stir-fried shrimp with jasmine rice.  Although it only looked like three main dishes, one could make about 15 different meals with these basic recipes. You know it’s a def class when somebody says, “This is the best white rice I’ve ever had.” If the white rice is good….                      Continue reading


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Cooking Classes at 3015: Week One

3015by Robyn Folmar

Mondays are no longer a kick to the gut now that the Trinity Groves 3015 Cooking Basics class has begun. This six-week series aimed at the home cook meets every Monday for three hours and covers everything from stocks to genoise. I have the first class under my belt and I can tell this is going to be a lively ride because Dr. Mike Johnson is teaching and he is funny as hell. Mike has worked in the food industry since he was a teenager and is apparently an overachiever because he’s also a doctor. This will probably come in handy since I am 67% sure I am going to slice off a bit of my finger at some point.     Continue reading


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Trinity Groves Savor Tonight And We Have A Sneak Peek At One Of the Dishes

DSC06437by Steven Doyle

Tonight marks the first Savor Dallas event in the new Trinity Groves area of Dallas. This is the new culinary destination just west of the newish Margaret Hunt Hill bridge. Look for the event to take place in 3015, the event center and cooking school owned by chef Sharon Van Meter. This particular leg of Savor Dallas will feature many of the up and coming chefs to occupy one of the many spaces in Trinity Groves and benefits Hunger Busters, an organization that feeds at risk children.   Continue reading

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