craveRADIO: Meet Chef Tiffany Derry and Jonathan Wingo from Belvanie

radio1by Steven Doyle  photos by Robert Bostick

If you missed craveRADIO this past Sunday, you missed a whole lot of talking. We had chef darling Tiffany Derry in the studio, and she was talking up her new television program that will soon be premiering on Spike TV, Hunger Investors. This new program will pit two restaurant gems in the rough and have them compete for a barrel full of cash to make improvements to their menu, service and ultimately their bottom line.

Tiffany was kind enough to chat through our many Top Chef questions, and was particularly interesting to hear about her many other under-takings as a speaker as  she travels across the country inspiring students that they are able to make their mark as a chef, or any other career that they might be interested in.   


Tiffany was a fantastic guest that we hope to have back on the show real soon. She was sweet enough to hang out with the crew for the remainder of the program where we were joined by the very new brand Ambassador for Belvanie Scotch, Jonathan Wingo who was originally from the Dallas area but has been working in New York. Our friend of the show, Mossie Power, the nicely accented Irish ambassador for Tullamore Dew, was kind enough to wrangle another Scottish counterpart, and we are always appreciate of his help.


Wingo walked us through his line of scotch that we enjoyed immensely. Balvenie is hosting the traveling Rare Craft Collection that will be in Dallas September 10 and 11, 2013. This is a fun collection of incredible hand crafted items collected from across the country and includes hats, furnishings, and so much more.

Epicurious Emma also paid us a visit via phone and gave her final Fork Fight review where her mother and craveRADIO co-host Uno Immanivong won last week. Emma told us she has a new video coming out this week for craveDFW as she reviews Hofmann’s Hots in Trinity Groves.


This coming Sunday we will have Fort Worth chef-owner Jon Bonnell who will be sharing information about his hot new restaurant, Waters. Chef Bonnell also owns the fine Texas inspired and eponymous restaurant, Bonnell’s. It will be a super exciting program that you will not want to miss.

If you wish to hear the re-broadcast of the Tiffany Derry interview listen here. Crave RADIO airs each week from 4 to 6pm on 1190, and can also be heard on from your computer or smartphone. Other guests coming soon include Dean Fearing, Mico Rodriguez and a live remote from a major event held by Kent Rathbun.


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