Food Court Wars Wants You

foodcourtwarsby Steven Doyle

I am not much of a shopper and avoid malls altogether, but there  is an interesting program from the Gordon Ramsay camp called Food Court Wars. This is basically where two teams of two people compete to win a year lease at a local food court.  The shows producers value the winnings at $100,000, a tidy sum that will definitely escalate your concept to success. They are looking for couples that have a previous relationship, married, dating, working together, you get the idea. 

We were sent an email today from the program and they are reaching out to Dallas for competitors. This sounds like plenty of fun.  Each week’s show is at a different city mall in the United States. The malls want to open a new “local” eatery in the mall’s food court that offer a fresh, region-specific menu. The teams test, market, then run their concept for a full day feeding shoppers. The team restaurant that makes the most profit at the end of the day wins their eatery space. The program is hosted by Tyler Florence.

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  1. Marquita (nikki) Edwards

    Hello Mr Doyle & Mr Ramsay, my husband and i would be so honored if Food Court Wars come back to Meridian Ms. We have a small Catering business here in Meridian Ms and would like to expand our “Soul Food” more throughout the city. The “Food Court” is in need of some Great comfort food & we are here to help make it happen hopefully with “Food Court Wars” assistance. 🙂

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