We Unravel The Enigma That Is Becks Prime

DSC09858by Steven Doyle

The Dallas Burger Wars continue to mount at breakneck speed, leaving only the very best to survive. To make it in this North Texas city you need to bring your a-game, and I am looking directly in your peeps Houston. It’s been just over a single year since Becks Prime opened its quirky steakhouse with a drive through on Forest Lane near Preston in Dallas, and now the locations equal a solid three with more on the possible horizon. The latest incarnation is on Oak Lawn, just across the road from the very posh digs of the ultra elite fitness center, Equinox. After sampling most of the fare at Becks today, I can assuredly see the Parkie lovelies making way to the burger stop for some pretty fantastic non-fast fast food.   


There are way too many options other than steaks and burgers to be strictly known as a house of cow. There are many healthy options including a delicious sear Ahi salad with plenty of accouterments nestled in the non-iceburg greens and some flavorful house-made dressings served side-car style. The fitness crowd will also enjoy the smoky grilled chicken with a giant smattering of seven veggies gilded with the same mesquite wood treatment.

But for us beef lovers you will be plenty appreciative sitting down to a fine burger made to order, and cooked exactly the way you want t. That means medium rare for our taste, and with plenty of thick slices of bacon and a fresh bun that hold through till the final bite. You will also lust for the hearty steak sandwich.




Then we have those steaks that initially made me giggle. The house looks like it should be fast food, but the drive though windows say something else to my sensibilities. But rest assured that Becks serves all certified angus beef for quality control purposes, and everything is handled lovingly on the grill. The fact you can buzz through without bothering with a wait staff, tips or the pageantry normally associated with a steakhouse is simply a bonus prize for the hungry masses.

The strip steak is gorgeous, and the filet is tender and flavorful. That is what we want, and Becks delivers quickly. For those in a huge hurry, and perhaps others that want to feed an office staff on the quick, Becks now offers online ordering and payments. Send the clerk to nab the order and you have instant no-fuss catering.


Becks strikes a win with me, and you will find it tasty as well I am sure. I am no longer afraid of this unusual drive through option when I want a real meal. If you make your way there soon save me a handful of those crispy sweet potato fries.


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  1. Preston Forest? Oak Lawn & Wycliff? i think their business model is pretty clear… #followthefish

  2. I drive down from Plano with my family because we all love Becks. Wish they would build one here.

  3. Beck’s burgers and steaks are cooked to order, with great Mesquite wood flavor, the fresh cut fries are a “little bit of heaven”.

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