LUCK Has 40 Quality Craft Beers For $5 Each

LUCKby Steven Doyle

Last night I popped in to Trinity Groves to see how the opening night at LUCK (Local Urban Craft Kitchen) was going. I was able to chat up the owners and they were all pleasantly happy with the first night turn out, which they said was largely made up of people from around the neighborhood. I would assume these people enjoying large slabs of pot roast and those delicious beirocks were most likely from the northern most sections of Oak Cliff.

As I made my way to the bar to enjoy a few choice selections from the tap, I was pleased to be informed that all the beers were a mere $5. This is the same pricing scheme that Union Bear adopted early on, but has since abandoned that most excellent offering. These are the same delicious beers seen across the city selling for up to $9 a pint.   

It was a joy to sit on the largish patio and sit back looking at the stars, the moon and the bridge while sipping one of the 40 taps from local brewers such as Peticolas (I am looking at you Velvet Hammer) and Lakewood Brewing Company. I finally tried the Goatman from Lakewood and it is one smooth beer that is India Black Lager, a hybrid of a West Coast-style Black IPA and a German Schwarzbier. Totally worth the short drive across the Hunt-Hill Bridge to sip away for a mere five bucks.

LUCK will be open for lunch starting next week. Look to their Facebook page for more details.

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