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A Lucky Adventure In Beer

luckby Ned Steel

I didn’t want to go.  I didn’t fancy myself as much of a “people person”.  I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I was anti-social or anything but talking to complete strangers about something, even if I was passionate about the subject, was a foreign concept to me.  But I had been asked by a friend to go.  Someone I respected.  Someone that was counting on me to make some new friends.

I drove past the small shop twice before realizing where it was, but that was probably in part because I was looking for a place called Stubby’s rather than what was written up on the marquee, “Texas Brewing Inc.”.  After gathering myself, I nervously made my way inside, looked around the small room filled with tables, beer, and people.  People with anxious eager faces.  I’m not sure what it was that made my switch turn on.  Maybe it was the looks on those faces… eager to please.  Maybe it was that they looked more nervous than I was.  Whatever it was, I felt comfortable in my own skin and caught the eye of one of the fellows in the corner.   Continue reading

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LUCK Has 40 Quality Craft Beers For $5 Each

LUCKby Steven Doyle

Last night I popped in to Trinity Groves to see how the opening night at LUCK (Local Urban Craft Kitchen) was going. I was able to chat up the owners and they were all pleasantly happy with the first night turn out, which they said was largely made up of people from around the neighborhood. I would assume these people enjoying large slabs of pot roast and those delicious beirocks were most likely from the northern most sections of Oak Cliff.

As I made my way to the bar to enjoy a few choice selections from the tap, I was pleased to be informed that all the beers were a mere $5. This is the same pricing scheme that Union Bear adopted early on, but has since abandoned that most excellent offering. These are the same delicious beers seen across the city selling for up to $9 a pint.    Continue reading

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First Look: Trinity Grove’s Local Urban Craft Kitchen (LUCK)

DSC00668by Steven Doyle

Trinity Groves is shaping up to be the new restaurant Mecca that it had agreed to be more than a year ago. Weeks ago Kitchen LTO popped open its doors to a sound crowd and early reviews, and yesterday round one chef Norman Grimm served his first lunch crowd. Meanwhile, Souk has had better than expected covers for their dinner service which started last Thursday. The next restaurant to open for business is LUCK, or the Local Urban Craft Kitchen which is very beer focused. We snagged a first look at LUCK last evening during a mock service.

While LUCK is not quite ready for service until Wednesday evening, they are quickly making those few last minute adjustments. As for the food, very little needed adjustment and the service flowed smoothly.  After walking the long road to opening day, LUCK is eager to serve you some interesting food that pairs extremely well with a choice of more than 40 local brews on tap, several choice wines and kambucha for constructing beer cocktails. LUCK is the brain-child of partners Jeff Dietzman, Daniel Pittman and Ned Steel, with Pittman acting as chef even though the three-some are all trained for the job.     Continue reading

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