Chef Andrew Bell Intros New Menu At Bolsa

andrew-bellby Steven Doyle   photos by Elliott Munoz

I love a change of seasons. This almost always calls for new menus using seasonal ingredients, especially at a restaurant such as Bolsa located in Oak Cliff. This is the case today as chef Andrew Bell sends word that he has something new in mind for his diners.

After taking charge of the kitchen several months ago, chef Bell has created a menu that is finally his own.  Co-owner Chris Zielke explains, “We wanted Andrew to take his time on creating this new ‘core’ Bolsa menu and took the new spring season as a jumping off point to implement it.  The new menu is simply spectacular and these are some of the best dishes I have ever seen come out of our kitchen.”

DSC_3733-1Skate, Sunchoke, Fiddleheads and Rhubarb

Bell has settled into the Bolsa kitchen and says, “ I took the time to acclimate myself with the kitchen and the staff of the restaurant and patiently waited for spring ingredients to show up. We will continue to find the best ingredients from local farmers, treat them with respect and cook them for the customers that know and love Bolsa.” 

Look for some pretty terrific new dishes such as the venison tartare starter made of yellow tomato gelee, quail egg yolk, yucca chips and Worcestershire gastrique, or the sea 2 table catch entree  which is skate, sunchoke, fiddlehead ferns and rhubarb. There is also a beautiful baby artichoke vegetarian entree with  heirloom tomato, spinach and fennel puree. 

DSC_3792-1Venison Tartare

You will still find the tried and true familiar flavors such as the Twig and Branch flatbread.

Kyle Hilla and Cameron Cook have developed a new cocktail menu to complement the changes of the dinner menu. Hilla says, “ Chef Bell, Cameron and myself worked closely together discussing flavor combinations and local ingredients that are in season.  You can really see the connection between the kitchen and the bar with our new menus.”

pink green garnish

Andrew Bell began his career in the restaurant industry during high school and since then has worked in some of the most respected kitchens in both Dallas and Austin.  From Wink and Uchi in Austin, to Parigi, Citizen, Mercury, Nosh Euro Bistro, Aurora and most recently The Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas, Bell says, “I have been waiting for an opportunity such as this for a long time and have tremendous respect for the restaurant, the partners, the staff and the philosophy they stand for as well as working with the local farmers– I feel at home here at Bolsa.”

Check out the new menus for yourself: Bolsa Dinner Menu Bolsa Cocktail Menu


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