So&So’s Big Surprise: The Food Is Insanely Good

DSC03006by Steven Doyle

The latest party venue in Uptown has a bit of a surprise. So&So’s, which opened just a few short months go is a great place in the Dallas Uptown area for a good cocktail, cool bands and kicked up people watching patio, but it is fast becoming a hot spot for good food as well.

With executive chef  Nick Amoriello at the helm the kitchen has taken a turn for the delicious, far exceeding what you might consider for a venue of this type. He is making a very good burger, and one of the better pizzas in the area. But did you expect hamachi crudo or one of the best beef tartares in Dallas? I did not see this coming, and what an amazing surprise it was to sample through the menu created by the former chef at Mot Hai Ba.  


Another must try is the chicken liver pate that is adorned with radish slices and smoked mustard seeds. This pairs perfectly well with one of the many local beers on tap, or perhaps one o those slurpy good cocktails.  This menu is also host to my now favorite charcuterie boards that is steeped up of housemade Copa, Sopressata, and Bentons ham. The added caramel bacon popcorn was an amazing touch and should not be missed. Very crave worthy.

If you are into secret menu items, there is one waiting for you at So&So’s, but possibly for a limited time. Ask for the 16 ounce 30 day in-house dry aged ribeye that is topped with a foie compound butter and served with a bevy of thick hand-cut frites. Cooked perfectly medium rare, each bite begged for another. No special code or handshake is necessary, just let the waitstaff know you are there for the beef.

DSC02967sirloin tartare

DSC02968hamachi crudo

DSC02975three meat, three cheese board

The pizzas are that special variety of crispy cracker crust that is near and dear to us at craveDFW. There’s a large variety of pizzas available, but by far the most unusual is Breakfast Pizza made up of Sausage Gravy, Cheddar, Bacon, Green Onions, Sunny Side-Up Eggs. Sounds like a brunchy pizza, but brunch has not started at So&So’s, but look for that soon. I would order the Breakfast Pizza on one of those days where you might be having a rough time of it after a night of revelry. I bet it cures what ails you quickly.

DSC02982the secret steak (shhhh)

DSC02991fish special with peas 3-ways

DSC02987side of elotes

DSC03003sweet ending of chocolate ganache cake

Amoriello said he will change up the menu a bit in coming weeks, but you can bet many of the items we sampled will be around for a while. Especially that amazing charcuterie.

So&So’s | 3309 McKinney Ave, Dallas | (214) 393-6473



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15 responses to “So&So’s Big Surprise: The Food Is Insanely Good

  1. Glenn Pierce

    This is just a simply fantastic place if you’re all about fucking girls that resemble a leather couch. Also, the breakfast pizza doesn’t have bacon. You heard right, NO FUCKING BACON. Overall, I’d give this Dr. Seuss restaurant a rating of So&Shit.

  2. Dikus Da'Buffle

    So so so good. I can’t wait for the Baha Men show in August!

  3. Nick Amoriello

    Glenn, the breakfast pizza has like 10,000 chives on it. Is that cool?

    • Nicholas Amoriello

      This is the real Nick Amoriello. The breakfast pizza does have bacon and is finished with green onions. I would like to know who is posting under my name?

      • Nick Amoriello

        The person above is an imposter. I’m the real Nick Amoriello. I like food and only the REAL Nick Amoriello would say that.

  4. Glenn Pierce

    I will finger you SO GOOD if don’t put whole slices of bacon on my next pizza.

  5. LadyMarmalade

    For starters, I’m a very reputable and respected individual in the culinary world in Dallas. I loved Primos and spent many beautiful afternoons and evenings there. I was sad to see it go but was excited about the new So&So’s Bar and Grille. Upon arrival on my first visited I immediateky took note of it’s appearance, and just like the name of this bistro, it is just that, very so-so. It is rumored that the building was once the Dallas Fire Department’s training facility but it was shut down due to birds. Ok so let’s get the food, my first course was the tartare, the presentation was gorgeous but I didn’t even receive the tartare sauce I was expecting. OH and let’s not forget the most important thing…IT WAS RAW! That’s right ladies and gentlemen the meat was not even cooked. I asked for medium rare and my plate was served to me in a pile of raw cubes of meat…gross! That was it for me, I paid my outrageous bill and made my exit. Unbelivable. I’m over it! I give this establishment 1 out of 10 stars. Jeepers!

  6. Amy Nichols

    DFD shut the building down because of zig-zags, not birds.

  7. T. Bishop

    Sun fired dilly strands with a side if vuiox…TO DIE FOR!!! Keep up the good work guys, I’m lovin’ it! 😉

  8. Gregory DeLeon

    Myself and a group of work associates came for the grand opening, shared the corn balls.. long as you can stand how bright yellow the corn is..our server was very knowledgeable and cute too, he even give me a kiss! 😘

    Thanks much,


  9. Felise Zeppato

    It is for the liking I have much for obliged have many thanking for this food God bless me with a foods thanking so much. Zeppy

  10. Marci

    How many strobe lights are there? My aunt and I want to come shake it but she’ll die if there’s tons of flashing lights.

  11. Rich

    What’s your vegetarian, gluten-free, carb-free, dairy-free, sugarless, food menu selection?

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