Robin Quivers Kicks Off 2014 Texas Veggie Fair


Radio host and outspoken vegan Robin Quivers will kick-off this year’s 2014 Texas Veggie Fair Presented by Earth Day Texas with a special pre-fair kick-off event on Saturday, October 18 from 3PM – 5PM at the McKinney Ave Contemporary. A first for the fair, Quivers will host a discussion and book signing. The pre-event is FREE and includes an advanced paperback copy of The Vegucation of Robin, but tickets are limited and must be reserved. Tickets can be reserved here.

Quivers is best known for her role as Howard Stern’s sidekick on the wildly popular radio show, The Howard Stern Show. Since joining the show in 1981, she has presented her perspective on current events and topics, affording viewers with well-rounded and balanced dialogue.  

Quivers grew up giving little thought to the relationship between foods and feeling healthy. She had never been vegetable fan, and the thought of a vegan diet seemed too strict and boring. However, she began to notice family members fall victim to diabetes and heart disease from their dietary choices. It was upon her diagnosis with cancer, Quivers adopted a vegan diet, which she fully attributes to her recovery. Her book, The Vegucation of Robin, highlights her personal, exciting, and inspiring crusade to adopt a vegan lifestyle, with over 90 vibrant vegan recipes by Chef Christopher Sanchez.

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