Cake Bar in Trinity Groves Opens Today

cake-barby Steven Doyle

Tracy German was not the first to say “let them eat cake”, but she certainly hopes you will. German’s newly opened pastry shop in Trinity Groves opens today and is not only selling cake, as the shop’s name might suggest, but also a wide variety of baked goods such as bread pudding, cupcakes, brownies and cookies, along with ice cream and assorted coffee drinks.   



Cake Bar is as cute as its name, with a build-out that definitely stands out with its bright blue decor. The shop is located next to the other Trinity Groves sweet emporium, Kate Weiser who sells her special brand of chocolates in the West Dallas development.

German says for the first month she will offer all her cakes for sale, but then after will have a shorter selection available on a rotating basis. She also has cakes in several sizes including a 5 and 8 inch round, sheet cakes, and will also do custom orders for parties and special occasions. And seriously? Every day is a special occasion for cake.




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2 responses to “Cake Bar in Trinity Groves Opens Today

  1. Dana Holden

    I experienced Cake Bar’s Italian Cream Cake for the first time last Friday and won’t soon forget the moist, rich, but not too sweet flavor!!! I took the entire weekend to eat the slice because it was so good I had to savor it!!

    The feelings were mutual from my husband who had the red velvet cake and my son who had the chocolate cake!! We will be back to visit in the near future!!

  2. Priscilla Richadson

    I have heard great things about your cakes. When I get to Dallas, you will be first on my list for sweets. I cant wait. Have you thought about franchising.

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