Resto Gastro Bistro Makes A Ridiculously Good Burger

DSC06005by Steven Doyle

Oh lordy we love a good burger.  Just when we thought we have tried every burger in this meat-loving city, we discover another treasure trove and fantastic versions. This week we discovered one that is only served at lunch, and is chef-driven. That is a term for kicked up, meaty and packed full of culinary loving.  

Resto Gastro Bistro, located in Trinity Groves serves up a powerful version on their lunch menu. Chef-owner DJ Quintanilla explains the burger as having a 50/50 combination of beef short rib and brisket, and is dressed up with that beautifully melted Swiss cheese, cirispy pancetta, avocado, lettuce, tomato, mayo on a fluffy yet firm brioche bun. We know pancetta is a large chunk of Italian bacon that is salt cured and seasoned with black pepper. It makes the perfect pairing for this burger. The beef combination also gives the burger this very meaty, steak-like bite that is cooked perfectly medium rare (unless otherwise ordered). The resulting juices, and flavor bomb is ridiculous.



Why, oh why must these great burgers offered by chefs at these fantastic restaurants only be served at odd times? This burger is served at lunch, other cheffy burgers are only served on Sundays, or even Mondays. We get that the restaurants are not geared up to serve a burger, and would rather ply you with a 44 Farms ribeye (oh my, the ribeye Quintanilla serves haunts me). Until otherwise convinced, you will need to sprint over to Trinity Groves during lunch during the week, or even Saturday or Sunday, for this amazing fat burger.

While there be sure to order a side of the crab cakes, or the Cheddar Cheese Chicharones. The chicharones are dusted with 10-year aged cheddar cheese that the chef dehydrates. These are seriously delicious, and perfect for munching at the resto bar, sipping one of their cocktails while watching a game.

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