Five Unusual King Cakes That Are a Real Thing

kingby Steven Doyle

In the past we have extolled the virtues of a particular cake that should be served during this special time of year and is found at Village Baking Company, but we know the inner-partier in you wants something more colorful, more lurid, glittering and borderline bilious. We know the King Cake that you are seeking, and we found a few that you may not be totally aware existed. We have a list.


The Coffee and Coconut-Chocolate King Cake

This is one delicious cake. Consider this very large brioche pastry filled with Bavarian cream, chocolate chips and coconut which tastes very similar to a Mounds candy bar. It has the look with the added purple, green and gold sprinkles. This cake can be shipped to you from Coffee and Kings Cake out of Marrero, Louisiana. The cost is $16.99 and comes replete with one hidden plastic baby.


Gluten Free, Anyone?

The gluten-free, dairy-free and very kosher Kings Cake from Peacebaker in Metairie, Louisiana is actually quite light and airy. The added frosting serves it well, giving it a touch of sweet. Inside find the golden baby who, when found, will pronounce the finder king or queen for the day.  Gluten-free comes at a price tag of $25, and can be shipped anywhere.

kings cake fries

Kings Cake Fries With That?

We kid you not. There is a food truck Lafayette, Louisiana that serves nothing but fries. Around this time of year they roll out the Kings Cake Fries that include fried sweet potatoes topped with a cream cheese glaze then sprinkled with the requisite purple, green and gold sugar. They do not ship, but this might a worthy road trip. Find these at Freetown Fries who make a whole host of interesting combinations of fried potatoes.


Bananas Foster King Cake

We were seeking the unusual, and came upon this cake also out of Lafayette, Louisiana. Made by Keller’s Bakery this cake is filled with bananas, cinnamon, and cream cheese.  The baby is found outside the cake swaddled in a set of questionable beads. This cake cannot be shipped and they have no website. But if you happen to be in Lafayette prices start at $12.50.


Waffle Kings Cake

By now you realize that anything can be made into a Kings Cake. Hopefully this gives you inspiration in making your very own version.Check out another Lafayette food truck that specializes in waffles. Waffles made any way you like, including a Kings Cake filled buttery whipped cream cheese icing, stripes of colored sugar and a baby. Damn that sounds good. Visit Viva la Waffle next time you pass through Lafayette.


Bonus: King Cake Ice Cream

We will be searching the grocer’s freezer section over the next few weeks while you are all busy ordering your cakes online. We have to bring something to the party, after all. And it won’t be that Kings Cake Vodka we wrote about last year.  We drank that stuff straight out of the bottle.


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