Eat Me: Everything at Pecan Lodge

DSC03611by Steven Doyle

Writing about Pecan Lodge has sort of become this low hanging fruit. Everyone knows it is some of the world’s best BBQ. The Hot Mess isn’t so much messy as it it sublime with it’s pulled pork goodness perched on top of a giant sweet potato. The brisket is superb, and you should always ask for fatty pieces because those are simply the best.

The ribs at Pecan Lodge are huge and meaty, especially when they switched over to spare ribs. If you want a giant haunch of meat, the beef ribs weigh as much as a small child and are as tender as anything you will ever put in your mouth. And the house-made sausages are not to be missed, especially the jalapeno version.


You should always add a side of fried chicken to your order, because it is also incredible. Fried chicken at a BBQ restaurant? Hell yes.

It has been a while since we mentioned Pecan Lodge on craveDFW, so we have added everything they make to our long list of Eat Me specialties.

Pecan Lodge is located at 2702 Main in Deep Ellum. 

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