Resto Gastro Bistro Offering Giant Haunch Of Mishima Reserve Wagyu

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Mishima Reserve is the premier brand of US produced Wagyu beef. Raised by a small network of conscientious family ranches where clean air and water, a temperate climate, and the availability of high quality of feeds, all contribute to the extraordinary quality of this beef. Mishima Reserve Wagyu cattle are raised naturally without the use of added hormones or antibiotics. The cattle are bred from the highest quality Wagyu bloodlines bred with top quality Angus cattle. All Mishima Reserve cattle are at least 50% Wagyu, and some have a much higher percentage. Starting with the best selection of cattle, Mishima Reserve Wagyu are raised in a comfortable, controlled environment, fed only high quality grains and grasses, resulting in a distinct beef with maximum flavor, tenderness and consistency.   



Chef D.J. Quintanilla who owns Resto Gastro Bistro in Trinity Groves has secured a very good source for the Mishima Reserve 4-star beef and offers a limited quantity of the long bone rib eyes each week while his supplies last. The 4 star beef is the equivalent to USDA Prime  and has spectacular marbling for maximum flavor. These cattle are raised for 500 days as opposed to the typical 150 days and are grass fed then finished with grain.

Quintanilla’s source is Rare Edibles, a wholesaler who brings to market incredible cheeses, caviar, high end Berkshire pork and Duroc (which you will see on many menus as of late), and other upscale products.  The chef prepares the steak simply with a side of frites.

We wrote about another haunch of beef that Quintanilla sells, but as you can see from the photograph above that steak pales in size by comparison.

You can call and reserve your 5-pound slab of beef, which sells for $120, by calling  Linda at 214.701.3468. This steak could easily feed several hungry adults, making this a bargain, especially considering the high quality of the beef.

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