Win a $150 Gift Card From The Capital Grille


The Capital Grille is a fine-dining restaurant offering dry aged steaks, fresh seafood, and an award-winning wine list. Our expertly prepared steaks are custom-aged in-house for 18 to 24 days and then hand-cut by the restaurant’s on-premise butcher.

The restaurant is also known for its award-winning wine list of more than 350 selections, curated by our Advanced Sommelier. The wine list includes some of the most highly allocated and sought-after wines in the world.  

For diners feeling extra generous this year (or those who are splurging on themselves), The Capital Grille is offering a limited edition, $1,000 gift card made entirely out of metal. Those who purchase this gift card will also receive an additional 10% added to the gift card’s value, as well as custom steak knives.

You may win a $150 gift card from Capital Grille this week by commenting below. A winner will be selected at random this Thursday (Dec 15, 2016) before 5pm. Have your friends enter also, and double your chances of winning.

Happy holidays from craveDFW and The Capital Grille.




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98 responses to “Win a $150 Gift Card From The Capital Grille

  1. Kevin Wilson

    Love Capital Grille!! Love gift cards!! Love Crave!!! Pick me!!

  2. Libby

    Yay steak!

  3. RyanDL


  4. I LOVE the Capital Grille – had their salmon and fell in love. Plus, the service is outstanding.

  5. Bill

    Place is great!

  6. Teresa M Cameron

    Yum! Steak! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Festivus for the rest of us!

  7. Clay

    Capital Grille is great! Always love taking a big group there for a special meal.

  8. Capital Grille is a fave!

  9. Jillian Brooks

    Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to try Capital Grille.

  10. YUMMMM! Need this!

  11. Tim

    Merry Christmas, Capital Grille!

  12. I’d love to kidnap my friend and go enjoy a fancy night out!

  13. Jim Green

    Pick me please !!! It’s been too long since I’ve dined at your fine establishment !!!

  14. Keith Bauman

    Have never tried it, yet. But it sounds like worth the trip.

  15. Zach

    My office window is near the roof of a capital grill and the smell every afternoon is heavenly. Still haven’t been but I sure would like to fix that!

  16. Casey Bowles

    I have a two year old and a five month old…I need a night out and a good steak!

  17. Katy Wiese

    I have been dying to give them a try. It seems it may be my time.

  18. Darcy Koch

    Can’t say enough wonderful things about this place and would love the opportunity to go back!!

  19. Oooh pick me! xoxo

  20. I love Capital Grille!

  21. Jan

    We recently celebrated a birthday lunch there for my sister in law and she is still raving about it. She would adore that gift card for Christmas!

  22. Michael Chen

    pick me!

  23. Olivia

    I would love to try Capital Grille

  24. Jeff

    I dream of the Lobster Mac n Cheese……….

  25. Brandi Roa

    Fingers crossed!

  26. Hope C.

    This would be a perfect date night for NYE!!

  27. Shanna Pope

    Have never been to Capital Grille. This gift card would be a great way to try their delicious sounding menu.

  28. Gary L. Juren, AIA

    Classic American elegance. Some of the architecture is as good as the dry aged bone in ribeye. Execeptional and memorable.

  29. Jeff Dutton

    Love the food and service!

  30. Kelly saunders

    It would be amazing a once in a life opportunity for me to even have a chance to eat at this place. **fingers crossed**

  31. ST

    Yes please!

  32. Nil Ferrin

    Count us in! What a wonderful contest right before Christmas!

  33. Adina

    I love Capital Grille!! 🙂

  34. Audra Butzberger

    Pick me please! Perfect for the Holidays! 🙂

  35. Yum yum!! Yes please!

  36. Kathy Tran

    Me me me me me!!!!!!!

  37. Sarah Im

    Pick me! Pick me!

  38. Martin

    This would be perfect for a date night with my wife!

  39. Elaine Sissons

    Mmmmmmmm……..steak! Love their sides too! And great service!

  40. Bri Simmer

    Yay! How awesome!!!! Love me some Capitol Grille.

  41. Maureen Moore

    That would definitely ensure a Merry Christmas!!!

  42. Jerimy holt


  43. Greg R

    Thanks for the chance! I’ve tried it once for lunch and it was excellent

  44. Mary

    We need to try it out.

  45. Cheryl Poldrugach

    Love craveDFW and Capital Grill

  46. Candice Russell

    We eat here every thanksgiving and love it!

  47. I’m not celebrating Christmas this year. It’s been a bad year for me. However, I have high hopes for 2017. Cheers to Capital Grille!

  48. My favorite restaurant in Dallas.
    Kona Crusted Lamb Chops #1

  49. Rachael Fallon

    Pick me!!

  50. JJFoodie

    It would be a great birthday surprise…

  51. Susan E

    I just drove by there on Sunday and told my husband that we needed to try it out. This would certainly give me a reason to go!

  52. Tanya

    It’d be a “Capital” idea ol chap to pick me as the winner. *see what I did there? 😏

  53. Oliver

    Can I get a steak dinner please 😃

  54. Val

    I have never had a bad meal or experience at Capital! Will continue to live it, even if I don’t win the gift card 😊💗💚

  55. Peter Braster

    Always nice to visit an old friend!

  56. Amy D

    Pick me…love Capital Grille

  57. Bone in New York Strip…. need I say more.

  58. Ralph Hester

    I like steak

  59. Alex

    Love the Capital Grille!

  60. Jan Rosen

    My favorite special occasion restaurant!!! Fabulous food, service and ambiance😍

  61. Val King

    I would pick Capitol Grills coconut cream pie for my last meal if I was leaving this earth.Our favorite Capitol Grill is in Las Vegas but we love them all. Corporate Christmas gatherings often ..

  62. Sarah Berglass

    Absolutely love Capital Grille and would be thrulled to win this

  63. Sadly, I’ve never been and have always wanted to go! What a wonderful Merry Christmas to me this would be!

  64. Lisa Maciuba

    Please pick me…..I’ve never been to the Capital Grille !

  65. Millie

    My bridge group loves to lunch at Capital Grille!

  66. My favorite steakhouse! Love crave dfw and Capital Grille!!

  67. Jerome Alviar

    Went to Capital Grille for the first time last month for my birthday. Great, great experience!!!

  68. steven

    I have not been in years … Love crave dfw & Capital Grille !! ( what an awesome prize )

  69. Lucy Williams

    Great spot for business lunch.
    The menu is varied and service is very

  70. Carrie

    I would love to be picked for this wonderful gift. It would be fantastic to celebrate my December B Day there. Pick me, pick me!

  71. Sarah

    Capital Grille is my fav, particularly with their Generous Pour!

  72. Louise siebert

    Steak in ma belly

  73. Shannon

    We are about to have our first baby so a date night to capital grille would be awesome!!!

  74. Kristen Schascheck

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this, craveDFW!

    Capital Grille is a personal favorite of mine! They were one of the first to offer great vegetarian options at a steakhouse and their service is stellar. Oh and wine lockers! #lifegoal

    Thanks again Steven!

  75. Stacey Shaw

    This place has always been on my list but have never been able to go! Love Cravedfw!

  76. Kent Sholars

    Winner winner chicken dinner…does a cigar locker come with the gift card?

  77. Monica Urbaniak

    Yum! Thanks for dropping all your food knowledge bombs on us! Lucky to have you in our community!

  78. Angela

    I love this place!

  79. Mike H

    Great place for beef and people watching.

  80. Abbey

    Pick me!

  81. Lindsay

    I am ready for some beef!

  82. Aaron S

    I love Captial Grill

  83. Lisa Mooring

    A Dallas mainstay!! I have great memories of holidays when we wanted a nice meal, but no one wanted to cook. Always thought it was great that they were open when most others weren’t. Capital Grille Rocks the holidays!

  84. LuAnn Bergman

    Hosted a large lunch party there in September. Great food, great service! My new favorite place! And God knows I really need a nice dinner STAT!

  85. Jon

    Hard to figure where to comment when all you can find is “reply”. Capitol Grill, here I come!

  86. Shelley martinez

    I absolutely love love love capital grille!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    This would make a great gift to my husband!

  87. Cameron malin

    Sweet! Count me in. Capital grills is one of my last spots I haven’t tried! I’d love to see how they match up to the competition.

  88. Teresa

    Yay, love giveaways especially if it has to do with food!

  89. Kathleen Autry

    Love capital grille. ❤️

  90. Susie Holsomback

    I love this place! Count me in!

  91. Phuc Pham

    I love Capital Grill!!

  92. The best steak meal I’ve ever had was at Pappas ( on someone else’s dime so is extra good) but I’ve never been to Capital Grille and would like to see how it compares.

  93. We chose a winner and will announce once theyvreply to our email!!

  94. never been to Capital Grill but as a cilinarian and personal chef i would love to win !

  95. I’m not getting a Christmas bonus this year 🙁 nor do I have any family nearby. It will be a lonely Christmas Eve/Day. A gift card for what will be solo dining would so help my spirits. Thank you for your consideration. I promise to leave a nice tip in return.

  96. Tara Streeter

    I love this

  97. Tara Streeter

    Love the food it is amazing!

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