First Look: FarmByrd Rotisserie and Fry

dsc00521by Steven Doyle

Dallas chef Ryan Carbery partnered with Tim McLaughlin and RJ Timmons, and this week opened their new fried and rotisserie chicken concept,  FarmByrd Rotisserie & Fry in Plano.

Carbery is this incredible chef who has made his way around Dallas and hails from St Louis where his family has been working restaurants for generations. This is also where he met his partner and mentor McLaughlin. They worked three different restaurants where McLaughlin was exec chef and Carbery was sous, and have a sixteen-year relationship in the kitchen.  



“Tim and I met in St Louis when he was chef at ZuZu’s Petals. Tim took me under his wings and we have been friends since, working together as chef and sous chef”, said Carbery.

Carbery eventually went to Chicago to attend culinary school and McLaughlin went on to chef at the Chase Park Plaza and the Adams Mark.

“Tim and I have always talked about doing a restaurant together and he had a working relationship with the third FarmByrd partner, RJ Timmons who developed the space. We all three wanted to open a place that offered quality, fresh food to anyone and everyone who was hungry for great chicken,” Carbery continued.



The twist at FarmByrd is that the fried chicken is not your typical southern classic, but instead, a kicked up New American version. This is a chef’s term for “not your mama’s chicken”, and expect fantastic flavors. Both fried and rotisserie comes with their own special sauces. Fried is served with Texas Toast.

You will also find a rotisserie bird (excuse me, byrd) where the chicken is always turning and becomes this incredible succulent hen with that desirable crisp exterior.Rotisserie chicken comes with tortillas for an added experience. All the chicken has been sourced for its peak freshness and undergoes a five-point check-in test including temperature and Ph balance. These chefs are very serious when it comes to the right chicken to serve.  Find servings of

All the chicken has been sourced for its peak freshness and undergoes a five-point check-in test including temperature and Ph balance. These chefs are very serious when it comes to the right chicken to serve and source well.  Find servings of all the chicken in quarter, half and whole byrd.

The chicken really does not need to be the star of the program, with the chef-driven sides, at a fast casual price point choose from roasted corn served Texas-style with cotija, smoked salt and Spanish paprika; a green and red chile mac and cheese made with short tunes instead of the limp and tired elbow macaroni; cauliflower au gratin; a creamy blue cheese wedge (getting the point?); and super greens souped up with crispy carrots, parsnips, cranberry, goat cheese, candied walnuts and a walnut vinaigrette. Do not forget the Brussels Sprouts infused with bacon, just the way we know you like them.

dsc00533Carbery in the open kitchen at FarmByrd

dsc00512Plenty of local beer and a full bar

There is a floating legend you may spot on the menu. The Legend of Clarence. Ask the chefs and they might give you a different answer each time, but we pressed Carbery for the real scoop on Clarence who is all over the menu, and the mystery man stems from a fantastic chicken they had and admired. Consider Clarence an homage to a memorable chicken, and an amalgam of recipes. I was told not to think about him too much and just enjoy the chicken.

“You know, we just wanted a place with good food and work with great people, and I think that’s what we’ve got at FarmByrd. I know people are going to like us when they try our food out,” McLaughlin told us.

For a fast casual restaurant, which by definition means counter service, you will get a better than average experience. Part of this experience is the full bar with cool cocktails, local draughts and a nice wine selection. Pro tip: place yourself at the bar and skip the lines at the counters.

The partners are dedicated family men who all wanted a place to take their respective families that was fast casual but did not have the feel and quality of fast food. Or the flavors. Chef’s children dine well and so will yours at FarmByrd.

Check out the menu here: farmbyrd_menu

FarmByrd | 3308 Preston Road #380, Plano | 972-596-0851


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