Tacos Mariachi Honors Tesar With His Own Taco

tacoby Steven Doyle

Wait, it’s not Tuesday. We can’t possibly do a taco story today, or can we? Yes we can, especially with a little number like this presented by Tacos Mariachi who pays an homage to Top Chef contender John Tesar.

The John Tesar Taco is a flour tortilla, charred tomato salsa, avocado, toy box pico and jalapeño tomatillo cream. Sounds legit and we happen to be on a relleno binge at the moment.  

At Tacos Mariachi you will find all sorts of menu items named for various people around Dallas, it’s kind of their thing. But what is also their thing are those amazing tacos found at 6012 Singleton Boulevard in Dallas just across the Hunt-Hill Bridge and down the path from Trinity Groves.

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One response to “Tacos Mariachi Honors Tesar With His Own Taco

  1. Iris

    This was created for Chefs For Farmers!! We are so appreciative that John and TM Tacos did this for CFF 2017!

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