Eat Me: Empanadas at Shoals Sound & Service

DSC01905by Steven Doyle

Fresh off his gig from Texas brand manager at 86 Company, Omar Yeefoon has stake his claim to a small piece of Deep Ellum that is now this uber cool cocktail den with a few nifty food offerings. Yeefoon has joined forces with the owner of Proof and Pantry, Michael Martensen, to form an inviting departure from what they may have in the past considered the norm.

You might recall it was Yeefoon and Martensen who devised the short-lived reservations only lounge off Knox some years back. Short lived because the building was demolished to make way for new improved something that is not Bar Smyth or anything even similarly cool.




The day we spotted Yeefoon working away in his new lounge called Shoals Sound and Service he was able to chat about the food side of the house a bit. there has been articles recently written about the Martensen-inspired bologna sandwich, which is a seriously sandwiched pile of mortadella. You may purchase in half-pound or full-pound increments. Some people do both, it is that good.

Yeefoon was pleased when I told him I was there for the empanadas. There are three super crusted fried empanadas. Consider them filled with mushroom and lentils (vegan), picadillo filled with beef and potatoes (not vegan), or the wild berry that is infused a bit with booze. All delicious, and offered with their own custom sauces. Do not allow the vegan choice to frighten you away because it is actually the most delicious of the trio. All are great, but the mushrooms and lentils are a fantastic combo packed with a rich flavor.

Purchase one empanada for $4 or get a three pack for $10. Yea, we suggest you get all three. The food is priced extremely well as are the cocktails. In speaking with Martensen last week he said it was the best idea they have come up with yet, and offers all crafty cocktails for the good price of $10 each. No 15-minute waiting period either. These are classics such as daiquiris, sidecars, old fashioneds and the like. Slurpy good with a cool vibe.

Yet another good reason to visit Deep Ellum. Shoals Sound & Serivice is located at 2614 Elm.

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