Smoky Rose For A Chef-Driven BBQ Experience

rose2by Steven Doyle

Smoky Rose is a chef-driven smokehouse in a relaxed garden setting which opened last winter at 8602 Garland Road in Dallas (across from The Dallas Arboretum) provides a comfortable experience with a relaxed interior, large patio, open smokehouse and beautifully landscaped garden area serving lunch and dinner. The rustically refined menu is paired with thoughtfully selected wines and local beers.


Although this restaurant is inspired by its custom smokehouse, Executive Chef David Gauthier’s menu will also feature dishes that appeal to a broad audience.  Lighter dishes play an integral role and take inspiration from the garden. The menu will feature items such as Beet Salad, Kale Salad, Apple Salad, Airline Chicken Breast with cauliflower puree, asparagus, house pickles; Smoked Pork Loin with roasted root vegetables, banana sweet mash, apple and onion veloute; Sweet and Smoky Salmon with leek risotto, sautéed greens and maple glaze.

On our recent visit we tasted an array of pickled items which chef Gauthier (Spoon as he prefers to be called) enjoys canning  for use on a variety of plates. We found pickled onions, green beans, beets and much more including a nice rendition of the bread and putter pickle.


Barbecued meats played a large part of the menu including a well smoked brisket and ribs, but the star of the show is definitely Spoon’s finer dining offerings.

Finish off your dinner with one of the finest pecan pies or carrot cake.


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3 responses to “Smoky Rose For A Chef-Driven BBQ Experience

  1. This place is already open. I’ve eaten here myself! What do you mean by it opening this Winter?

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