Order The Ploughman, Mate

by Steven Doyle

To boost sales of cheese in the 1960’s, the ploughman’s lunch was promoted throughout England as a simple meal or snack. The lunch is sometimes served in sandwich form, and with a pint of beer. The meal consists of bread, pieces of cheese and pickle. The pickle mentioned may not necessarily be the American common variety such as the dill, but instead vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower or onions.

The ploughman continues to this day as a pub favorite and you might be surprised to learn that Dallas has versions of this tasty treat that is waiting to be ordered in a few pubs and not shocking – a cheese shop.    

The ploughman at The Old Monk might stray away from its origins just a bit and is served with a bowl of soup, bread, cheeses and a smattering of delicious garnish. This offering will set you back $9.50. You might be better served by looking at the menu’s cheese board selection for a truer version. Starting at $4.75 you may order a single cheese, crackers, bread, and that garnish they offer up. Doesn’t that sound more like the Ploughman?

Good thing there are no hard and fast rules at stake.

Also look to Scardello who will most assuredly assemble a ploughman, and go as far to offer this on the menu for $5.00 and includes mixed greens and artisan bread to marry up with your cheese of choice. Scardello offers a small selection of crafty beers to make this luncheon complete.

Take a stroll with a historic meal and order a ploughman.

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